Best Wooden Watches

Wooden watches are a unique way to help you keep track of time. Instead of a traditional metal bracelet or frame, you’ll find the components with this type of watch are made from all-natural wood. These handcraft watches offer an authentic story that is told with every passing second. Are you ready to find the best wooden watches that are offered for sale today?

The Story Behind Wooden Watches

Wooden watches were first invented for the noble classes of Europe in the 16th century. Developed by Peter Hele, these watches didn’t have the typical face that you’d expect to see on a modern watch. It would simply chime on the hour and be able to run for up to 40 hours on a single winding.

The watchmaker would then need to wind the watch because of its complexity for the earliest models. Over the next century, the best wooden watches would have hands turn on a dial, increase the amount of time between windings, and no longer require the watch owner to return to the watchmaker to have it wound again and again.

Before the mid-19th century, every watch was a handmade masterpiece. Wooden watches allowed watchmakers to created individualized works of art. Beginning in 1851, mass production of wooden watches began thanks to the requirement of railroad executives and sailors needing a timepiece that operated to nautical standards.

Are Wooden Watches Any Good?

Wooden watches are just as good as any other type of watch that is offered on the market today. You can choose similar features, shapes, and styles to a “standard” watch made from stainless steel, titanium, or precious metals. The primary difference in wooden watch ownership is how you must take care of the watch so it can continue working at an optimal level.

There are six steps that must be followed.

  1. Wooden watches must be cleaned regularly. Clean the case of the watch with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice. Apply the cleaning combination with a soft cotton cloth and rub directly into the wood. Wipe away any remaining residue.
  2. Take the watch off to set the time. If you must manually set the time on your watch, make sure to take it off your wrist to minimize stress and pressure on the wood to avoid premature cracking.
  3. Avoid weather extremes. Temperature variations can make the wood on your watch begin to splinter or become brittle.
  4. Avoid water. Some wooden watches are designed to be water-resistant, but not to the depths that a diving watch would be able to handle. This type of watch can take a splash or two of water, but should not be submerged for a long period of time.
  5. Wooden watches must be stored properly. Because wood tends to scratch rather easily, it is important to store a wooden watch in a proper case when not being worn. A watch box or case with a lined interior is the best option.
  6. Have the battery replaced by a professional. Wooden watches require a bit of skill when it comes to a battery replacement. Utilize the authorized service center of your timepiece manufacturer or a local jewelry shop for best results.

Where Is the Manufacturing Process for Wooden Watches?

The manufacturing process for wooden watches is the same as it is for any other watch in regards to the actual mechanics and timekeeping process. Quartz movements are generally manufactured in Japan. You will also find Swiss-made movements and automatic movements from China in this category in addition to mechanical movements that may be made anywhere.

The real issue to consider with wooden watches is how the wood is harvested to create the watch. Look for wooden watch manufacturers that use recycled and sustainable materials when crafting these works of art. This will limit the amount of environmental harm that develops from clear-cutting and other wood harvesting methods that are not sustainable.

An example of this is the timepieces that are created be WeWood. Every time you purchase one of their wooden watches, from any authorized retailer, then they will plant a tree.

Not every wood watch manufacturer lists their wood suppliers. Ask before purchasing to make sure the supplier is offering a sustainable product.

What is the Warranty for a Wooden Watch?

The warranty on a wooden watch is based on what the manufacturer and/or brand provides. Most warranties for wooden watches are typically 2-5 years in length and are limited to the internal mechanisms and components of the timepiece. There may be a limited warranty on the quality and craftsmanship of the wood incorporated into the watch as well.

What Are the Prices for the Best Wooden Watches?

The best wooden watches are priced based on how they are created. You’ll find mass-produced options available in this category, vintage watches, and handmade options. Each has its own price point to consider.

Most of the wooden watches that you’ll find online today are mass-produced by a known timepiece manufacturer. You’ll find prices tend to range from $69-$139 within this category.

Vintage wooden watches that are in good condition are extremely rare to find, so they tend to have a premium price range. The type of wood used to create the watch will also affect the pricing. Expect to pay at least $200-$500 if you’re looking for a watch in this category.

Handmade wooden watches have virtually no upper limit of pricing. Most watches that are handmade will be at least $100 with entry-level features. If the wooden watch has a handmade wooden bracelet in addition to the main dial, you may find a retail price of several thousand dollars waiting for you. The benefit is that this type of watch is truly a one-of-a-kind item.

Are You Ready to Find the Best Wooden Watches Today?

The best wooden watches offer a unique way to keep track of the passing time. They complement virtually any style, offer a variety of designs, and several different timepiece manufacturers offer collections that are worth considering.

Attractive and fashionable, these authentic timepieces make for the perfect gift or addition to a personal collection. Grab your unique timepiece today.

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