Skagen Watch Review

Skagen watches are a true American success story. For over a decade, they were a family-run private business. They were earning millions of dollars in revenues when they hadn’t even hired any formal employees. Then they kept growing, kept expanding, and eventually got bought out by their competitors for a hefty price… but then they still get to do what they do best – just under a different umbrella.

In each Skagen watch review, you’ll notice that there is an emphasis on value and style. Available in more than 60 countries today, you can also find a great deal on this Danish-inspired collection of timepieces online as well. It’s a brand that is ever-growing, which makes it worth taking a look at if you’re wanting a reliable, but still affordable timepiece.

What Is the History of Skagen Watches?

Skagen Denmark was established as a company in 1989. The company was founded by Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, who moved from Denmark to New York in 1986. They decided to establish their own business selling business gift watches in conjunction with Henrik’s job as a sales manager for Carlsberg.

Once they located a watch manufacturer that could supply products from Hong Kong, this couple decided to start designing their own watches, the first of which was shown in 1991 at a trade fair. In 1992, the Jorst’s first year of sales, they generated a sales volume of $800,000. Just 6 years later, this private company was approaching $30 million in sales volume.

By 2011, the company had managed to go global, entering markets in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. In 2005, the Jorsts moved out of daily operations for their company, allowing them to focus on design.

This caused The Fossil Group to notice this ever-growing timepiece company. In 2012, they agreed to purchase Skagen Denmark and some of its partners for $225 million and for 150,000 shares of Fossil common stock. It is now operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Fossil Group.

How Good Are Skagen Watches?

Skagen watches are one of the few “fashion” brands that have won multiple Red Dot Awards for timepiece design. Most owners of this timepiece band say that they receive plenty of compliments about their watch and that they are comfortable to wear.

You’ll find that Skagen watches do tend to be a little thinner and lighter than your average fashion watch. They mainly feature quartz movements and stainless steel cases, though there are collections that feature titanium as well. The Jorst designs tend to feature Milanese bands, but there are leather straps, NATO straps, and bracelet designs offered within the Skagen line of timepieces as well.

One of the most common complaints about Skagen watches is that the crystal does tend to develop cracks over time because of the thinness of many designs. This can make it difficult for some watch owners to wear it daily on a long-term basis.

The online consensus is that the average Skagen watch will last about 1-3 years, which is on par for most fashion timepiece lifespans. The higher end models within this brand’s collection may last even longer.

What Is the Manufacturing Process for Skagen Watches?

Although the Jorsts are from Denmark, the watches they have designed have never been made there. In the past, Skagen watches were made in Hong Kong from components that were sourced from around the world. Now that they are a wholly owned subsidiary of The Fossil Group, many of the timepieces are manufactured within the factories that are owned or licensed by the group.

This means many of the watches are manufactured and assembled in China but feature Miyota quartz movements that are imported from Japan. There are also a limited number of Skagen watches that have Swiss movements and components, most likely because of Fossil’s expansion into Swiss-made watches.

What Kind of Warranty Comes with a Skagen Watch?

Skagen watches offer a limited international lifetime warranty on all of their timepieces. This warranty covers the internal movements of the watch, the hands, and the dial. None of the external components of the watch are included in the warranty, including the strap or band.

If there is repair work that must be done for a timepiece sent in for issues that do not involve faulty materials or workmanship, there may be a charge for postage and handling. This does not apply to those who purchase their watches in California.

In the US, the warranty repair of a Skagen watch may take up to 4 weeks to complete. You must have a valid sales receipt to present with the product in order to make a warranty claim.

Leather products are covered by a 1-year warranty instead. They will only be replaced, never repaired, if the product meets all of the warranty stipulations.

If you need to have the leather or silicone straps replaced on a Skagen watch, US customers are invited to contact customer service at 1 (877) 752-4361. You’ll need to have the style number of the timepiece available to order the replacement. It is then recommended that you locate a Skagen retailer or speak with a reputable jeweler to have your straps professionally replaced.

What Are the Prices of Skagen Watches?

Most Skagen watches are going to retail for $150-$400, although you will find pricing variations from store to store. Purchasing a Skagen watch from a department store may add 10-20% to the MSRP of the watch you’re thinking about purchasing.

A good example of this is the Skagen Grey Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch. It retails for $90.99 at several stores and websites. If you purchase this watch from Macy’s, then you’ll pay $165 for the exact same watch.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Owning a SkagenWatch?


#1. It’s a highly affordable watch. If you’re looking for a unique watch that is around $100, then you won’t find many designs better than what Skagen can provide. Their beach-inspired looks are perfect for professionals, students, or those who just want a timepiece to complete a casual look.

#2. You’re receiving a unique style. In a world of mass-produced watches, many of the timepieces you’ll find available for sale all tend to look the same. Even though the Jorsts have not been involved in the daily operations of the company for more than a decade, they have still been very influential with their unique styles and creativity.

#3. They are easy to find. You can purchase a Skagen watch almost anywhere today. They’re available in department stores, discount retailers, and online locations like Amazon. This makes it easy to complete your look with a great-looking timepiece no matter where you happen to be.

#4. It’s one of the few watches with a lifetime warranty. Most watch manufacturers will only provide a 2-year warranty on their timepieces – including the watch movements. Some only offer 12-month warranties these days. Skagen watches are one of the few that offer a lifetime warranty on the primary components.


#1. Some watches have quality control issues. There are several notable complaints about having hands or numbers falling off of the watch. In the unlikely event that this should occur with your new watch, be sure to take advantage of the limited lifetime warranty. The one primary issue to watch is cracking within the crystal – since that’s an exterior component, it is covered by the warranty.

#2. You’re purchasing a watch from a large company. In the past, Skagen watches were a private company with a reputation to uphold. Now that they are part of The Fossil Group, there is a certain feeling that the process of mass producing watches within the umbrella organization isn’t the same experience it once was.

#3. Manufacturing isn’t done in-house. Skagen has never done their own manufacturing. Whether it’s in Hong Kong, other factories in China or the APAC region, or even Fossil’s expanding Swiss manufacturing centers, quality control comes from supervision instead of direct influence with this timepiece manufacturer.

#4. It’s ultimately a fashion watch. If you’re looking for a high-end watch, then this isn’t going to be the brand for you. Even though some of the timepieces retail for $400, which can be a lot of money for some families, this is still going to be a fashion brand for the foreseeable future  – especially with ownership by The Fossil Group.

Is a Skagen Watch Right for You as a Timepiece?

Each Skagen watch review is evidence that this is not a high-end timepiece that you will be purchasing. It is a high-value fashion watch that will help you to complete your look while making sure you are able to stay on time.

Although there are some complaints about cracking and the quality of the manufacturing process, this award-winning brand has continued to grow for one reason: they build a fantastic timepiece. If you’re looking for an affordable watch with a specific look, then Skagen watches must be given a closer look.

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