How to Find the Best Citizen Watch

Citizen watches have made a name for themselves with their unique Eco-Drive technology. This timepiece is able to harness solar energy, natural light, or artificial light so that the movement of the watch never needs to have a battery. With several different collections with a wide variety of pricing available, it’s easy to discover which timepiece will be the best Citizen watch for you today.

The Story of the Citizen Brand

Citizen Holdings Company is the core of the corporate group which owns the Citizen brand. The company was originally founded as the Shokosha Watch Research Institute in 1918. Today this company is considered as one of the largest producers of timepieces in the world today.

The first pocket watches that were sold by this company were in 1924. This is how the trade name “Citizen” first came about.

Citizen as a brand was founded in 1930 and from the very beginning, the emphasis of this timepiece manufacturer was to create diversity. The brand name itself is a reflection of this perspective: even though it is a watch manufacturing business, they are still “citizens” of our planet.

Their goal as a brand is to create positive changes while continuing to innovate within their chosen craft. The pioneering Eco-Drive technology was first released in 1995, with light-driven watches having been part of many collections since 1996.

Today, Citizen watches are promoting a belief that “Better Starts Now.” It’s a message that no matter who you are or what you do, it is possible to be a little bit better every day. There is always a “new now” and a “next better,” but it is up to each person to pursue their dreams.

Are Citizen Watches Any Good?

Citizen watches have traditionally been one of the most rugged and reliable timepiece brands in the industry. In the past, the return rates for these watches was just 2%. Complaint levels for these watches are incredibly low and in a review of online complaints, most tend to come from misuse of the watch itself.

If you are using a battery-powered watch from one of this brand’s collections, then you can expect to replace the battery about once every three years. The Eco-Drive technology does need light in order to operate, but as long as you expose it to a light source, it will continue operating all night long without an issue.

Citizen watches also have a reputation for being extremely precise. The craftsmanship of this brand is well-established and many of the new collections come with a DVD to help you understand how to operate your new watch. If you’re looking for a premium watch without the premium price tag, this is definitely one of the brands you should be considering today.

What is the Warranty on a Citizen Watch?

All Citizen watches are covered by a 5-year limited warranty in the United States. Global warranties may be slightly longer or shorter based on local laws and regulations that govern retail sales.

Citizen warranties do not cover damage that is caused by user error, accidents, or tampering. Moisture damage which occurs to watches which are not marked as water-resistant is not covered as well. For the water-resistant timepieces that are offered by this brand, they must be tested and resealed every 2-3 years or whenever the battery is replaced for the warranty to remain in effect.

Citizen watches must be serviced by an authorized service center as well in order for the warranty to remain effective. Repairs or alterations by anyone other than these centers may void any remaining warranty.

What Materials Are Used to Create Citizen Watches?

Citizen watches are manufactured in the APAC region. All Citizen Eco-Drive movements are manufactured in Japan. Cases and bracelets may also be manufactured in China. There are also manufacturing facilities around the world on all 6 primary continents that may be utilized for specific processes or materials which may be used.

Many of the watches which fall under the Citizen brand are made with what is called “Super Titanium,” which is a trademarked term. Since 1970, Citizen has been making lightweight watches with solid titanium. This metal is then treated with Duratect, which is a proprietary surface hardening material. This makes the watch 5 times harder than stainless steel and makes it a hypo-allergenic wearing experience.

Citizen also uses stainless steel for its older models and entry-level collections. The crystals in the watch are made from ordinary mineral glass in most timepiece models.

What Are the Prices of Citizen Watches?

There is a Citizen watch for virtually every budget today. Entry-level models for this brand tend to start for around $100 and this includes Eco-Drive timepieces.

The average price for a Citizen watch is about $300 and encompasses a number of different styles, including gold-plated options.

If you’re interested in a dive watch from Citizen, you’ll find that most models with high levels of water-resistance tend to be priced between $300-$550. Some of the watches produced by this brand have rated water-resistance up to 660 meters.

Premium gold and diamond watches from Citizen which may feature sapphire crystal can retail between $500-$1,000. These may or may not feature Eco-Drive technologies.

The most expensive Citizen watch currently listed for sale is the Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Satellite. It currently retails for $2,650 at many retailers.

Are You Ready to Find the Best Citizen Watch?

If you’re looking for a high quality, low-maintenance watch that expresses your personal style, then you’re ready for a Citizen watch. The best Citizen watch is incredibly accurate, may require no winding or battery, and can even keep track of multiple time zones for you if needed.

With ultra-modern details and an emphasis on being better every day, there are many Citizen customers who are still wearing their watches 20-30 years after they first purchased it. If you’re looking for that kind of durability and quality, then find the collection that works with your budget, and pick up your new favorite watch today.

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