Best Watch Repair Kits

Watchmaker repairing a watch

What happens if your watch needs a repair and it happens to be out of warranty? Or your new timepiece comes with a strap that is too small, and you need to replace it?

The best watch repair kits are an affordable investment to make when you own a quality timepiece because it helps you to personally extend the life of the watch.

Change the battery, fix the crystal, and many more repairs without the high cost of service with repair kits like these.


Watch repair kits come in many different shapes and styles. Some are even brand-specific. These are the top-rated options that are available right now to help you make sure your timepiece can continue to function in a reliable manner.

Our Rating
EZTool Professional Watch Repair Tool Kit 4.3
Ohuhu 13 PCS Watch Repair Tool Kit 4.0
Vastar 147 PCS Watch Repair Kit 4.1
TMS Watch Repair Tool Kit Opener Link 4.0
BTSKY Professional Watch Repair Kit5
Stalwart 16-Piece Professional Watch Repair Kit 4.3
Ohuhu 156 Piece Watch Repair Tool Ki 4.1
Ohuhu 175-Piece Watch Repair Tool Kit 4.1
Stago Watch Repair Tool Kit Professional 4.2
Our Rating


Your basic watch repair kit is going to have the tools you need to make a DIY fix on your timepiece. If your watch is under warranty, keep in mind that a self-repair will void whatever protections you may have. A good kit will have these tools for you:

  • Pin pushers
  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Case opener
  • Case wrench

And then there may be some miscellaneous tools that you need based on the style and brand of watch you own. This may include a hammer, link pin punches, and a spring bar tool as just a few examples.

Owning a watch repair kit is more than just a way to make sure your timepiece is operating correctly. It’s also the best way to make sure your bracelet-style watch fits correctly.

Straps are easy to adjust, but with a bracelet, you may need to take links out or put them in to receive a comfortable wear. Your watch repair kit will give you the tools you need to make that happen.

Now here’s the good news: unlike with some of the timepieces that are available today, you will find that a cheap it is almost always a good buy.

Whether it contains 8 pieces, 18 pieces, or every possible tool you might ever need to use to repair a watch, you’ll be able to save money maintaining your timepiece with the right kit in your possession.


All watch repair kits are going to have several tools included. They’ll be designed for servicing a watch in a number of ways, from removing a battery cover to dismantling the timepiece so that it can be properly cleaned. The best watch repair kits also tend to have these additional features included.

  • Storage case. Most watch repair kits contain small tools that can be easy to lose. You’ll also be working with small watch components. By including a storage case, you’ll have an easy place to keep items, so they don’t get lost.
  • This is a small magnification device that will help you be able to see the components of the watch with better accuracy. These tend to be included with complex watch kits that may also include hand removers and chain nose pliers.
  • Solid steel. The most affordable repair kits in our industry today tend to be made of plastic or non-steel metals. These are suitable for small repairs, like replacing a battery. If you’re trying to complete a complex repair, then solid steel tools may be your best option.

Because the best watch repair kits feature varying tool counts, manufacturing processes, and materials, their pricing can be offered in a wide range.

By finding the right kit with the correct tools and quality you’ll need to get the work done, you’ll be better able to accomplish your goal of fixing your timepiece.


Finding the best possible watch repair kit means shopping for the one that best fits your repair needs.

For example: if you need to open up the case on your watch, then you’ll want to look for a case opener that has three contact points instead of two. With two teeth to grab the case, there is a higher risk of damaging it with indentations made from the tool itself.

It’s also important to remember that different case backs will require different tools. You may need to match up the tools your kit has with what the demands of your back require.

With that issue out of the way, your goal should be to pay a fair price for the tools you need and to avoid kits that contain tools that you don’t need. A screw-type pin pusher is going to be one of your best friends. It will help you change out dozens of straps and bracelets in just minutes.

But unless you plan to use your watch repair kit every day, you’ll find that the zipper pack kits that are widely available today are going to have the tools that you need.

They won’t compare to high-end tools that watchmakers and authorized repair centers use for repairs, but they will help you be able to get your repair work done.


The average price of a good watch repair kit is going to fall somewhere between $20-$40. You can even find a professional watch repair tool kit with illustrated instructions within this price point.

If you are looking for individual tools instead of a kit, you’ll find that each item typically retails for $5-$10. Since the average kit may have 8-41 tools included with it, the savings of purchasing an entire kit instead of the individual tools will quickly add up.

You’ll sometimes find lower-end kits priced less than this. Swiss-made tools that are made for specific brands tend to be priced higher.

Your final checkout price will depend on the type of watch you want to repair, the job that needs to be done, and how many tools you think will be necessary.



This professional watch repair tool kit gives you tweezers, a case opening wrench, band holder, 4 screwdrivers, and several additional tools. It’s a good repair kit for those who need to resize a strap, open up the back of a timepiece, remove links, or replace a battery.

The real benefit of investing in this repair kit is that it offers an instruction manual with 60+ illustrated steps so that you can quickly get a timepiece fixed – even if you’ve never repaired a watch before. A storage case for the tools is included.

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This is the multi-functional watch repair kit that is perfect for almost any job. It contains 13 tools in total, including 3 pin punches and 3 screwdrivers. The tweezers are particularly useful with this kit thanks to its streamlined design and small pickup point.

If you have a larger watch that needs a repair, like a 48mm, then you’ll need to look for a different kit. The case back removal tool just doesn’t spread out wide enough to work on those larger timepieces.

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With nearly 150 total pieces in this toolkit, you’ll have everything needed to make an immediate repair for your timepiece. It’s perfect for all common repair tasks, from changing gaskets and batteries to making strap and bracelet adjustments. It’s small, but still functional, and includes over 100 watch strap spring pins for fast replacements.

The tweezers and screwdrivers are anti-magnetic for easier removal of battery covers and replacements. The kit even comes with an 18-month warranty. It’s definitely one of the options to consider if you’re looking for the best watch repair kit for a specific need.

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This watch repair gives you the basics. With 3 screwdrivers, a box of pins in 4 different styles, and 3 pin punches, you’ll be able to complete most tasks with ease. The case opening knife is a bit flimsy and may bend on a tough watch, but it did get the job done when called upon.

Each tool is a combination of high-quality plastics and stainless steel, which then store in a nylon zip-up case. If you’re on a budget and just want a few good tools for a quick repair, then this is the best watch repair kit to purchase today.

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This is another professional-style watch repair kit that will give you 6 watch strap spring pins for each size. An antimagnetic screwdriver works pretty well for removing a battery cover.

Our only complaint is the adjustable case opener; it only works for watches that have cases up to 34mm. It is rated to work with waterproof cases, however, and the link remover and other precision tools help you to complete a repair or task with relative speed.

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Our Honorable Mentions

Stalwart 16-piece Professional Watch Repair Kit

Watch Repair Kit, Set of Adjustable Back Case Opener and Watch HolderThis professional watch repair kit comes with a spring bar remover, long nose pliers, mini screwdriver, three-pin punches, a holder block, Philips screwdriver, case wrench, watch hammer, fine point tweezers, three flathead screwdrivers, a pin remover, and case knife.

It is a more than affordable kit that is perfect for any beginner who is looking to repair watches. However, you should also keep in mind that some users reported that the tools aren’t the best quality and may bend with use.
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Ohuhu 156 Piece Watch Repair Tool Kit

This is a 156-piece watch repair kit that is multifunctional and allows for greater self-reliance. It can help you with any kind of repair or watch service from opening watch backs and adjusting wristbands to changing the watch batteries and gaskets.

It is a small but functional kit that allows you to avoid a costly watch repair shop visit. All of the tools come in a convenient black nylon carrying case with a zipper for storage, so the kit is easy to pick up and take wherever you need to go. It also comes with an impressive 18-month after-sales service warranty.

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Ohuhu 175-Piece Watch Repair Tool Kit

Ohuhu 175 PCS Watch Repair Tool Kit CaseThis is another watch repair kit from the same brand, Ohuhu. This kit comes with 175 pieces and is considered a deluxe watch repair kit. It has everything you will ever need, including 156 spring bars that meet the needs of different watches.

The storage case comes with the kit and keeps everything organized. The kit itself is built to last and is made from aluminum alloy, ABS, copper, and plastic that are all durable and can withstand years of use. The tools included also allow you to make more precise repairs which comes in handy for small toys and electronics as well!

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Stago Watch Repair Tool Kit Professional

Watch Repair Tool Kit Professional - Watch Tools Including Watch Press KitThis is one of the more deluxe watch repair kits you can find on Amazon. It consists of over 400 pieces, and each piece is made from only high-quality materials and is meant to last.

This kit also includes a watch press tool with 12 dies. It is good for closing the snap back after any watch repair job is complete. There are also 360 steel spring bars of varying sizes.

This kit is great for changing watch batteries, opening and closing the watch backs, spring bar pin removal, watchband adjustment, strap link pin removal, and so much more.

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Bottom Line

The best watch repair kits will help you maintain the value of your timepiece without the high costs of professional servicing. If your watch is out of warranty, then consider an investment into one of these kits today so that you can keep using your favorite timepiece on a daily basis.