Diesel Watch Review


Diesel has long been a fashion brand that has attracted the “rebels” amongst us. It’s a brand which has the philosophy of creating a world that is truly borderless and features a singular language that is visual in nature. It had its beginnings in the world of Denim, but the ambitious nature of this brand has helped it to grow into an international presence which features eyewear, footwear, underwear, and of course, great timepieces.

In each Diesel watch review, you’ll find a balance between quality and affordability that is rare in our industry today. Through key partnerships and keen oversight, Diesel has created a collection of watches that is recognizable all over the world today. That means there is likely a watch that will look fantastic on your wrist right now.

What Is the History of Diesel Watches?

Diesel is a brand name that is owned by the OTB Group. As a brand, Diesel looks to provide an innovative fashion opportunity for everyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and look. In addition to watches, you’ll find jeans and clothing bearing this brand name sold throughout the world on a daily basis.

The OTB Group is currently chaired by Renzo Rosso, who happens to be the Italian entrepreneur who co-founded the Diesel brand in 1978. Rosso took full control of the Diesel brand in 1985 and then built the holding company which currently owns the brand.

OTB stands for “Only The Brave,” which is what the holding company’s name happened to be until 2013 when they switched over to the acronym. In addition to being a fashion giant, The OTB Group also focuses on social responsibility, investing over 11 million euros into over 170+ different projects around the world. 10% of the OTB Foundation’s funds are invested directly into Italian projects – an homage to its founding.

How Good Are Diesel Watches?

Diesel doesn’t create timepieces that could be described as a high-end watch. Since the 2000s, Diesel and The OTB Group have licensed their brand in order to broaden their product categories. Timepieces happen to fall into that licensing agreement.

When you purchase a Diesel watch, what you’re essentially purchasing is a Fossil watch. These feature quartz movements that are low-maintenance and provide accurate timing. Their watches also have a reputation for being quite durable, but will not compare with the best high-end brands that are currently in our industry.

Diesel watches are more about a fashion statement first, then its reliability as a timekeeping piece second. Owners of Diesel watches are less concerned about the mastery of movements within the watch. They are looking for a watch that looks great, makes them feel confident, and won’t be overly expensive.

Most owners report that their timepieces are reliable and enjoy wearing them. The average wear experience for a Diesel watch is typically 1-5 years.

Where Are Diesel Watches Manufactured?

The OTB Group has partnered their Diesel branded collection of watches with Fossil. Chinese manufacturing facilities make up the bulk of the watches that are produced by Fossil and it has been this way since 1984. High-end watches by Fossil are manufactured in Switzerland, but this does not generally apply to the Diesel collections.

There are about 40 factories in Hong Kong and China that are contracted for watch production by Fossil for all of their watch brands, including Diesel, and are directly supervised by the brand. Any leather straps that are used for the watches are outsourced for production and is not supervised.

Watch components, including dials, movements, hands, cases, and crystals are generally sourced from the APAC region. Italy and Switzerland also provide components to higher end watches that are produced by Fossil. For the Diesel brand, most of the components are obtained from a large number of suppliers that are located in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand in addition to China.

What Are the Prices of Diesel Watches?

Diesel watches are priced at an expected range for a brand that is often sold through department stores and similar retail outlets. You’ll find watches from Diesel selling at Macy’s and Nordstrom’s in the $200-$300 range quite frequently. If you shop online for a Diesel timepiece, then you can find several options that are priced between $100-$200.

You will also find sales opportunities on some Diesel watches that drop the price below $100. Despite this lower pricing compared to its competition, you’ll find that each collection still offers the features that you want to have in a timepiece while still being able to obtain the look you want to have.

What Warranty Comes with a Diesel Watch?

Diesel watches come with a fairly standard warranty. It is covered by a 2-year limited warranty which starts from the date of purchase. It covers the materials and manufacturing processes for the timepiece. You will need to have a copy of your receipt or have your warranty booklet stamped by an authorized retailer in order to make a warranty claim.

During the 2-year warranty period, the watch movements, hands, and dial are the only components that are covered by the warranty. Should an issue arise, the watch will be repaired or replaced free of charge if it proves to be defective in workmanship or materials.

If you do not have a local authorized repair center for Diesel watches, this repair form can be filled out and sent to the primary repair center in Dallas, TX. Return shipping costs may apply.

Would a Diesel Watch Be Right for You?

Diesel watches may not be the high-end brand that some timepiece collectors which to incorporate into their collection, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad watch. You can obtain a distinctive look with a reliable timepiece for an affordable price with this brand.

The rest is up to you. With a variety of features, shapes, and sizes available, you can reflect your personal fashion and lifestyle within the design of your new Diesel watch. Find the one that speaks to you today and you will find a timepiece that you will be proud to wear now, tomorrow, and for the years to come.

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