Invicta Watches Review


Invicta watches are often thought of as an affordable luxury brand. It’s a way to look fashionable, stay on time, but not need to invest tens of thousands of dollars into a timepiece. If you’re ready to make a statement with your watch, then you’re ready to consider this brand name.

Here’s everything you need to know about this $50 million brand so that you can determine if an Invicta watch is the best watch for your needs.

The History of Invicta Watches

Invicta was founded as a brand because there was a belief within its initial investors that a crafted timepiece could be offered at a modest price. It’s what continues to drive Invicta forward, even to this day. There is something to be said about a brand or a person who is will to stand up for their principles.

That is what the Invicta brand represents. The goal is to give everyone who wants a supremely crafted item to be able to experience the care, value, and quality that is contained in every watch that is offered by this brand.

Over 50% of Invicta customers, according to an internal survey published on the brand’s website, own 10+ Invictas. More than 100,000 people are purchasing an Invicta watch every 12 months. For those who have fully embraced this brand, the Invicta Collector’s Club offers access to a high impact dive case, access to special promotions, and other benefits that are not available to the general market.

This is just one way to innovate. Since the origination of the brand, Invicta has sought to be different in one key way: to be better while still being as affordable as possible.

Where Does the Invicta Brand Originate?

Invicta is a word from Latin and it means “invincible.”

The Invicta brand of watches was founded in 1837 by the Picard family in Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Raphael Picard was the first to oversee the company, which would remain a family business until the 1970s. Their focus was to develop innovative Swiss mechanical watches and they did so successfully, focusing on automatic-winding pieces.

Everything changed when quartz movement inclusion would alter the timepiece industry permanently. Like many other Swiss watch manufacturers, the brand almost disappeared from the market completely. Invicta would be a niche manufacturer of watches for over 20 years.

In 1991, a US-based investment company purchased the brand but kept the corporate headquarters in Switzerland. Today Invicta is manufactured alongside other popular brands, including Glycine, Coifman, and TechnoMarine. It has been making a market impact since the 2000s due to its non-conformist attitude, rounded crystal dials, color combinations, and a unique gold-layering technique.

Some Invicta watches have even begun to incorporate skeletonized movements as a way to set the brand apart.

From its first days of operation, Invicta watches have sought to help customers find a new watch that they love. It’s a process that this brand is dedicated to following, even to this day.

Where Is the Manufacturing Located for Invicta?

Watches that are manufactured under the Invicta brand have been outsourced to third parties for the past 20+ years as a cost-savings measure. Some of the watches are still built by hand in Switzerland, but some facilities are also located in the APAC region. Another administrative headquarters was also established in Hollywood, Florida.

The physical location of the manufacturing for this brand also depends on where the best pricing can be found. Invicta watches have been manufactured on all 6 continents over the years. This is because the brand is part of a publicly traded organization, so the goal is to bring in the best return for the investments being made by shareholders.

Is Invicta a Good Brand to Wear?

One of the interesting developments that has come about recently for the Invicta brand is their research and development on a proprietary movement method. With the purchase of a Swiss organization that has established a technical micro-technique for watch movement, the goal of this brand is to create another revolution like the quartz movement revolution.

The only difference would be that the movement would be solely under the Invicta brand, giving them a potential way to separate themselves from the rest of the market.

As for the actual wear of the Invicta brand, there are two popular watch series that tend to dominate sales: the Pro Diver series and the Lupah series.

The Pro Diver series does borrow some from Omega and Rolex for part of their design, but the effectiveness of the watch is beyond dispute. It offers water-resistant or waterproof wear experiences, gives divers critical information they need to know, and it still looks good enough to wear in a professional setting.

As for the Lupah series, it is uniquely marketed to Millennials and other young professionals. Between dial color, shape, and strap types that are available, customers of Invicta have nearly 200,000 different combinations of watch that they can design on their own or purchase outright from their favorite store or online shop.

What is the Quality of Invicta?

If you review many of the forums that are dedicated to those who love watches, then you’ll see that there is a lot of user disdain for this brand. This is because the brand is seen as “cheap” by many who are shopping for a premium watch.

On the other hand, you’ll also find many people who are drawn to Invicta watches because they can receive a premium watch at an affordable price.

To determine what Invicta watch could be right for you, it becomes important to focus on 3 specific features.

  • The overall size of the watch compared to your wrist size.
  • The amount of use that you intend for the watch itself.
  • How rough you personally tend to be on a watch.

Under difficult usage conditions, the average lifespan of an Invicta watch is about 2-4 years. This definition includes daily wear, moisture exposure, and impacts. Under regular wear, it is not uncommon for an Invicta watch to be enjoyed for 5+ years.

What is the Price Range of Invicta?

Invicta watches can be incredibly affordable. Stylish entry level options in virtually any series can be found for less than $100. An entry-level Invicta men’s Pro Diver series watch often retails for just $85.

At the other end of the spectrum, a premium watch from Invicta with advanced features, 24K gold, diamonds, or sapphires, and additional water resistance may cost between $400-$800. Only a handful of watches from this brand exceed $1,000, and even then, those watches tend to be discontinued models that have relative scarcity in the market today.

Is There a Warranty with Invicta?

Invicta watches do come with a 5-year warranty that is rather comprehensive in nature. The warranty does cover repairs when there is a breakdown or failure of watch movement. It will also cover these components should there be an issue with the craftsmanship or materials of the watch.

  • Crown – which must be present for the warranty to be valid.
  • Markers and hands.
  • Dial
  • Water resistance.
  • Scratches which develop on Flame Fusion crystals.

Scratches which develop due to the normal wear and tear of using an Invicta watch are not covered by this warranty. The watchbands are not covered either and neither is the case which holds the watch.

To request a warranty repair, Invicta watch owners can approach any authorized store or repair site. You must present your receipt and warranty card to receive a repair that is scheduled quickly. In most situations, it will take 90 days from the approval of the repair to its completion. This is due to the fact that the watch is sent to a master craftsman to complete the repair.

Owners are also allowed to process their own repair request if they wish.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Invicta?

As with any other brand, there are some advantages to owning an Invicta watch and there are some disadvantages to consider. Here are some of the pros and cons of Invicta as a brand that are worth considering.


#1. Invicta watches provide a good value. You have several different designs from which to choose with this brand of watch. This allows you to match your personal look to an affordable watch that offers a premium wearing experience.

#2. There are several different sizes available. Some like to wear watches that are large and very noticeable to passers-by. Others prefer to wear a watch that is smaller, comfortable, and allows them to check the time when needed.

#3. They are very easy to wear. Whether you prefer a traditional linked design, a rubber strap, or something between these two extremes, you’ll find that Invicta watches are incredibly easy to wear. They can also be quickly adjusted to your wrist size to give you a reasonably comfortable, but still tight, fit so the watch doesn’t accidentally slip off for some reason.

#4. Even discontinued designs are still available from reputable stores. If you’re looking for a unique watch, then many retailers offer retired or discontinued Invicta designs that are still in an unworn condition. This includes local retailers, online shops, or even auction sites. This makes it very easy to find the perfect watch that matches your style.


#1. Invicta tends to be known for making their larger designs better. Many Invicta watch owners have recommended larger-size watches as they tend to operate more reliably. This may put some consumers into a difficult position because they have a personal preference for a smaller watch – one that may have a reputation of unreliability.

#2. They can be a heavy watch. The larger watches that are produced by Invicta can weigh more than a pound while sitting on the wrist. If the watch is not properly sized or there is excessive perspiration on the arm, it can move the product up and down the arm slightly, causing rubbing injuries around the base of the hand and lower forearm.

#3. Warranty repairs can be lengthy. This is especially true for owners who work to complete the repair on their own. It may also be difficult for some watch owners to find a local shop that is authorized to take on the warranty repair.

#4. Some people will see you in a negative light. Not everyone enjoys the Invicta brand. Those who are used to wearing expensive premium watch brands see Invicta as a cheap brand of watch. Although this may not bother everyone, the negative treatment that could be received is something that may be bothersome to certain watch owners and must be considered.

Is an Invicta Watch Right for You?

An Invicta watch is an easy way to begin experiencing the joy of owning a premium watch without ruining your checking account in the process. With entry-level pricing that works with virtually every budget, you’ll be able to find a beautiful watch that you’ll want to wear every day.

There will always be some potential negatives to any purchase, including with a watch brand like Invicta. Take advantage of the comprehensive 5-year warranty, manage the disadvantages as you can, and that will help you take full advantage of all the positives that are available.

An Invicta watch can provide a first-class wearable experience. Give this brand a close look and you will be pleased with what you see.

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