How to Find the Best Timex Watch


Timex has a lot to offer for those who are looking to own a new watch. You’ll find designs which range from elegant dress watches to fun sporty watches. With this many design options, it can be sometimes a frustrating process to find the best Timex watch. To make this process easier here is some information about the brand and its collections so that you can find a timepiece with the right features and options for your needs.

The History of the Timex Brand

Timex Group USA, which was originally founded as the Waterbury Clock Company, is a US-based manufacturer that has been in business since 1854. When many think of the best Timex watch, they often look at the digital watch collections that are offered by this brand because this company was one of the first to bring digital to the market.

This company, no matter what name it operated as created a name for itself by producing less expensive alternative watches to the high-end options available to the general market. The first “jumbo” pocket watch was created by this company in 1887 and for the next 70 years, it would be a licensing force in the watch industry, partnering with names like Walt Disney.

As timepiece technologies continued to develop, Timex found itself behind the times. Mechanical movements were being replaced by quartz. It became so dire that at one point, more than 60% of its labor force was laid off. Then Timex began focusing on creating even simpler movements, digital watches, and faster mass production to lower costs.

That’s why today’s Timex watch is affordable, reliable, and easy to read. Their focus has been on become cheaper, while still keeping quality levels as high as possible.

How Good Are Timex Watches?

Because Timex makes watches in essentially the same way, whether it’s an analog or digital watch, the best watch tends to be the one that fits well, looks great, and can withstand daily wear and tear. What sets each Timex collection apart from the rest tends to be the quality of the straps.

Sports watches from Timex tend to have watch straps that are made of woven materials. They may also be made from resin or rubber and are incredibly durable for daily wear. You’ll also find straps that are made from leather or stainless steel that replicate the sleek styling of a luxury watch without the added price of elegance.

There are also some functional extras that can be found with today’s Timex watches. Every Timex is unique, so you can find everything from a nightlight to a built-in calculator to an onboard compass coming with your new watch. This allows you to completely customize your wearing experience right down to the very last detail.

Where Are Timex Watches Manufactured?

Times watches are manufactured in the Far East in most circumstances. As one of the largest watch producers in the world today, it is able to source materials from all over and assemble products in various locations based on the wants and needs of the customers who are interested in a specific timepiece collection.

Watches for the Timex brand are designed in laboratories that have been established in Milan and Hong Kong. Manufacturing and distribution occur in the US in Arkansas and Connecticut. There are also locations in India and The Philippines.

Swiss movement watches that are produced by Timex are still manufactured in Switzerland. There are additional operations in Europe, the Americas, and the APAC region which are not listed here.

What Kind of Warranty Comes with a Timex Watch?

Every Timex watch is warrantied against manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year from the original date of purchase. This warranty does not cover defects or damages if the watch was not originally purchased from an authorized retailer. The lens or crystal, strap, band, attachments, or battery are not covered by the warranty even if purchased from an authorized retailer.

To make a warranty claim, Timex owners must return their watch to a local affiliate or the authorized retailer where the timepiece was originally purchased. A repair coupon may be requested as part of the warranty claim. You can also contact Timex directly with the information included in the following link:

Some retailers may offer slightly better warranties with purchase, including a “No Questions” return policy. These offers are not part of the warranty process provided by Timex.

What Are the Prices of a Timex Watch?

Timex watches are one of the most affordable timepiece options that are on the market today. You can pick up a basic digital Timex watch for less than $10 at many different retailers. There are literally hundreds of options through various collections that retail for less than $50 right now, with both analog, digital, and hybrid designs available.

There are also Timex watches that enter into the upper end of the price range for everyday watches. The Ironman series which features the Ben Hogan name tends to be the most popular. You’ll find timepieces from this collection regularly retailing for $500-$700.

What Will Be the Best Timex Watch for You?

Timex has dedicated itself to creating watches with timeless value and style for more than century. There are 300+ watches currently produced by this manufacturer with a variety of straps and bands from which to choose. By looking at the size, shape, and fit of the watch, you’ll be able to find a specific timepiece that meets all of your needs and for a very affordable price.

Are Timex watches going to be something flashy and elegant? Not usually. What you get with a Timex watch is casual fashion with the ability to check on the time whenever needed. Notable features, including alarms and stopwatches, are also available on many models. Through reviews and product comparison, you will be able to find the best Timex watch to meet your needs. Since each watch is unique in its own way, that shopping process may need to start now so that you can find the perfect timepiece.

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