Swiss Legend Watches Review

swiss-legend-watchWatches made in Switzerland have long been the gold standard for precision timepieces. With extraordinary designs that combine modern innovation with traditional quality expectations, Swiss Legend offers several attractive collections which will allow you to “express your time,” as the brand’s trademark expresses.

The Story of the Swiss Legend Brand

Swiss Legend is a relatively young brand in the world of timepieces. It was started just after the innovation of quartz movement within the watch industry, so this brand’s perspective on the timepiece market is a little different. From the start, this watch company has focused on creating cutting-edge designs, versatile Swiss handcrafting, and affordable movements to create a distinctive, harmonious timepiece.

“We apply our passion into every design and detail while thinking of you every step of the way so you can wear our watches anywhere, anytime. Some watches tick. Swiss Legend inspires.”

Swiss Legend builds timepieces to exacting standards. Only the highest quality Swiss movements are used, no matter what design is offered. In addition, the diving-inspired watches in the various timepiece collections are water-resistant up to 200 meters and many have luminous features which make it easy to view the face of the watch in virtually any condition.

Are Swiss Legend Watches Any Good?

There is a four-point promise made with every Swiss Legend watch which guarantees you are going to receive the best possible timepiece for your money.

  • Independent Design. Swiss Legend has 30+ years of independent watchmaking experiences. This creativity gives them a competitive edge when producing a quality timepiece.
  • Premium Grade Materials. Every watch made by Swiss Legend is made with premium-grade components and materials that have been fashioned by modern production technologies. This includes 3D rendering as part of the quality control process so that every timepiece offers function and aesthetics to a maximum value.
  • High-Quality Movements. Swiss Legend watches may feature automatic, mechanical, or quartz designs. Each option features Swiss movements, which are often found in today’s top premium brand names for timepieces.
  • Swiss Assembly. Each Swiss Legend watch is hand-assembled and crafted based on the traditional Switzerland timepiece building methods. Manufacturing for this brand takes place primarily in the APAC region, with a heavy emphasis on Chinese facilities.

In addition to this four-point promise, Swiss Legend ranks every watch in its various collections with a water-resistance ranking. Here is a brief overview of that ranking system for you to consider.

  • Rank 1: No water resistance. Avoid all moisture with this watch.
  • Rank 2: Water-resistant to 30 meters. Do not operate buttons in water.
  • Rank 3: Water-resistant to 50 meters. Wash the watch after using in salt water.
  • Rank 4: Water-resistant to 100 meters. Not suitable for scuba diving.
  • Rank 5: Water-resistant to 200+ meters. Usable except at depths which require helium-oxygen while scuba diving.

What Materials Are Used to Create Swiss Legend Watches?

Any brand can say that they use “high quality” or “premium-grade” components to build their timepieces. Swiss Legend tells you exactly what goes into the making of each watch in their many collections.

Most of the watches from this timepiece brand utilize 316L surgical stainless steel. You’ll find this metal in the clasps, bracelets, bezels, and cases that are offered for sale. This is because 316L stainless steel is one of the most durable, water-resistant, and non-corrosive metals that is available to the general market.

Swiss Legend also uses various other materials to create a specific aesthetic for each watch. This may include carbon, titanium, tungsten, or ceramic. You will find these additional materials on the bezels, bracelets, and cases within each collection.

Each timepiece is designed with the intent that it will be hypoallergenic and able to be worn by individuals even with sensitivities or allergies to stainless steel.

Does Swiss Legend Have a Warranty?

A majority of Swiss Legend watches come with what the brand calls “Sapphitek” crystal, which is a trademarked term. This crystal offers a 5-ytear limited warranty against cracks or deep scratches under normal wear and tear conditions.

This crystal, according to the brand, offers a superior level of impact resistance compared to natural sapphire crystals. This allows the timepiece to withstand more high-pressure situations, including shock and heat-resistance.

If a replacement watch is issued because of a warranty issue, the 5-year warranty that is offered by Swiss Legend ends 5 years from the date the replacement watch was received.

The warranty offered by this timepiece manufacturer covers functionality, materials, and craftsmanship of the timepiece itself. The case, bracelet, strap, battery, pushers, and stem are not covered by the warranty.

You will also want to register your new Swiss Legend watch at this warranty page:

You can also contact Swiss Legend about your new watch’s warranty by phone at 1 (866) 746-7794 or by email at [email protected].

What Are the Prices of Swiss Legend Watches?

Many of the timepieces in the Swiss Legend collections are priced in the $150 range. Collections like Bel Air, Passionata, and Bellezza are priced below $100.

If you’re looking for a premium timepiece from this watch manufacturer, then the Islander collection begins around $200 and the Madison collection retails for about $250. Virtually all of the timepieces produced by this brand retail for less than $300.

Are Swiss Legend Watches Right for You?

Whether you’re looking for a watch that looks sporty or you want something that will add to your daily fashion, Swiss Legend has more than 2,000 different watches in various collections from which to choose. This Swiss Legend watches review covers the brand in generalities – each individual watch has pros and cons that must be considered before deciding if that is the right timepiece to meet your needs.

Check the water-resistance ranking for each watch. Look at the materials which complement the surgical-grade stainless steel. See how large the face of the watch happens to be and compare that to the size of your wrist. Each feature may offer a specific individualized benefit that should be considered.

Express your style. Choose your look. Depend on the design. It is all possible if you choose Swiss Legend as your timepiece brand today.

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