Lucien Piccard Watches Review


With a rich heritage of watchmaking, Lucien Piccard watches offer the industry a number of timepiece collections which feature timeless designs and precision craftsmanship. In your average Lucien Piccard watches review, you’ll find skeleton designs, automatic collections, and an emphasis on luxury.

Yet luxury and premium models aren’t the only types of timepieces that you’ll find with this brand. You’ll also find entry-level collections that are competitively priced with floor watches that can be found at any discount store in the United States or Europe.

If you want a high-quality watch at a fair price, no matter what your budget might be, then Lucien Piccard is one of the first brands that should be considered.

Here’s the Story Behind Lucien Piccard Watches

Lucien Piccard was founded as a timepiece manufacturer in 1923. For 90+ years, this manufacturer has taken their location in Switzerland to provide numerous generations with a superior level of artisanship within each of their collections and designs. Lucien Piccard watches are popular with everyone. Even Frank Sinatra used to wear a Lucien Piccard watch on a regular basis.

It is this watchmaking heritage that creates the classic luxury of this timepiece brand today. Updated designs from meticulous craftsmanship techniques help to create a superior timepiece with the features you want or need.

Today’s Lucien Piccard branding is owned by SWI Group. This means that these watches are manufactured alongside other watch brands, such as Swiss Legend and Redline. US headquarters for this manufacturer are now based in Hollywood, Florida – along with several other watch brands.

Are Lucien Piccard Watches Any Good?

The answer to “how good” a Lucien Piccard watch happens to be will depend on the actual age of the watch. If you’re shopping for a vintage Lucien Piccard timepiece, then you will find an amazing watch that has been built to withstand the tests of time. You are virtually guaranteed to be completely satisfied with the vintage work from this timepiece manufacturer.

The modern collections from Lucien Piccard still offer the multi-layer dial look and traditional Swiss stylings, but with a bit of a different wearing experience.

One of the main complaints from the modern Lucien Piccard watch is that the stem tends to break. This means you may be able to wear an “affordable Swiss style,” but may end up with a non-functional watch as the stem is not covered by any warranty. If you’re looking at this particular brand, then the quartz movements tend to be quite reliable.

If you’re looking for an automatic watch, then you’ll want to browse through the Lucien Piccard watches review listings with great care to make sure you’re purchasing a timepiece that will be reliable.

What Is the Manufacturing Process for Lucien Piccard Watches?

Although the original watches from Lucien Piccard featured Swiss manufacturing and assembly, the modern watch is manufactured in a very different way. Most collections from this timepiece brand feature Miyota quartz movements that are produced in Japan. These movements are then sent to manufacturing facilities that are based in China.

The manufacturing process can be hit or miss, especially with the entry-level collections from this brand. You’ll find complaints on forums and retailer reviews that talk about the hands falling off of the watch, limited run times, losing time, and other quality control issues.

You’ll also find a number of people who love their brand new Lucien Piccard watches and wear them every day.

What Are the Prices for Lucien Piccard Watches?

Lucien Piccard watches are one of the most affordable options in the industry today from a name-brand manufacturer. Entry-level watches from Lucien Piccard can be found for under $50, with several models and designs available. At the other end of the spectrum, you can find collections with gold inlay and premium features available for $500 or more.

The average price for a modern Lucien Piccard watch is typically $150-$200. If you’re looking for a vintage watch from this manufacturer, however, you may need to pay several thousand dollars to get the particular timepiece that you want.

What Is the Warranty on a Lucien Piccard Watch?

Lucien Piccard watches are backed by a 5-year limited warranty. This is dated from the time of purchase – not from the time when you actually receive the watch. It will protect your investment from any manufacturer defect as it relates to workmanship, material defect, or functionality.

The limited warranty does not cover the crystal, battery or crown, watch stem, bracelet, strap, or case. The watch is also not covered from aging or battery replacement, abuse, or accidents. If the battery stops working, then Lucien Piccard recommends sending the watch to an authorized service center for replacement. You may receive a different, but similar, watch in return of equal or greater value during a battery replacement.

It is also recommended that all owners of a Lucien Piccard watch register their timepiece at the time of purchase. You can find that form here:

A word of caution: you may be asked to pay $15-$20 to send in your watch to a repair facility to cover return shipping and handling. Those costs are not covered by this warranty.

Are You Ready to Find a Great Lucien Piccard Watches Review?

If you fell in love with your father’s Lucien Piccard watch, then it’s only natural that you’d want to own one yourself. With the prices offered in many of today’s collections, it is a very tempting proposition to purchase a watch from this historic brand. When great care is taken during the shopping process, then the outcome can be a positive one.

The problem with this brand is that because there have been changes to manufacturing processes and movement technologies, Lucien Piccard has two different “eras” of timepieces to consider. This is why the Lucien Piccard watches review pages and descriptions are so important to spend time on before finalizing a purchase.

Take your time. Look for the features you need with the materials you want to have in a watch. Avoid an impulse purchase with Lucien Piccard. If you can do that, then you’ll still be able to find a fantastic watch from this manufacturer.

One that Frank Sinatra might even still wear.