Junkers Watch Review


Junkers (pronounced more like “Yonkers”) watches are one of the few independently owned and owner-run facilities that are left in our industry today. Although various partnerships have been included with this brand of timepiece over the years, each Junkers watch review proves that these timepieces still stand for traditional craftsmanship techniques, hand-picked materials, and a long service life.

Junkers is also unique in the fact that every timepiece created is done so to honor a family tradition. There is a certain responsibility that is assumed by this watch manufacturer in keeping with the “quality and pioneering spirit” of the Junkers family.

What Is the Story Behind Junkers Watches?

Aviation has always been in the blood of the Junkers family. Bernd Junkers, who founded this timepiece brand, was the grandson of the aviation pioneer Hugo Junkers. The goal was to create timepieces that stayed true to the family history through designs that were reflective of the drawings, images, and private notes created by the Junkers family in the earliest days of civil aviation.

This is how Junkers watches first came about. The first online shop featuring these unique watch designs was opened by Bernd Junkers in 2003. These watches were sold alongside certain memorabilia items, books, and clothing that were tied to his grandfather.

Since 2013, Bernd’s daughter, Charlotte Huck, and three business partners have been running their online store. You can also find Junkers watches sold through other online outlets and through some authorized retailers. They are growing as a brand, but remaining true to their core family values.

How Good Are Junkers Watches?

When reviewing online forum comments and reviews of the Junkers brand, we found that many customers feel the same about this manufacturer as we do.

The general consensus is that these timepieces are well-built, feature a higher quality than other brands, and are easy to maintain. It does not feel cheap when it is being worn, isn’t priced too extravagantly high even considering the fact that it features Miyota movements, and keeps time relatively well.

In terms of complaints about the Junkers brand, there are some comments about the fact that the crystal is prone to scratching. Polishing the crystal is relatively easy to do. Some have mentioned that the watches need to be resized for customers that have smaller wrists. There have also been mentions of a louder-than-normal rotor with this watch where it is noticeable if you’re in a quiet environment.

How Are Junkers Watches Manufactured?

Every Junkers watch bears the stamp “Made in Germany.” This means that all of the components for the watches are assembled in Germany. This timepiece manufacturer does import movements from Switzerland and Japan, depending on the design of the watch. Then the final assembly occurs, after all of the components have been received, according to the rules of traditional German watchmaking standards.

The manufacturing process is overseen by Point Tec, which was founded by Wilhelm Birk in 1987. This facility produces about 150,000 timepieces every year, of which two-thirds of them are of the Junkers brand.

“All our watches are made by experienced watchmakers in Germany and are a genuine quality product that is MADE IN GERMANY.”

You are also welcome to contact Junkers with any questions you may have regarding the manufacturing process. They are located in Munich, so their online contact form is the best option for customers outside of Europe. You can reach that contact form through this link: https://shop.junkers.de/en/information/contact

What Are the Prices of Junkers Watches?

Junkers watches tend to be priced a little higher than other watches of a similar design and quality in the industry today. Many of their collections, including their popular Bauhaus and Cockpit models, begin at $250. Added features within these collections can push the price of a new Junkers watch up to $400.

There are also premium collections offered by Junkers with an upper-level price point. These elegant watches begin at $500 and may retail for as much as $650 in some markets.

One quick note: Junkers does offer a 5% discount to customers who sign up for their newsletter.

Is There a Warranty Backing a Junkers Watch?

If there is a problem with your Junkers watch, this manufacturer encourages you to use the online contact form to contact them about the issue. You’re also invited to send an email via [email protected] to discuss your situation. You may also call them at +49.89.2155.4525 during regular business hours to resolve any issue.

Every Junkers watch is backed by a 2-year international warranty. To qualify for this warranty, however, you must purchase your timepiece through an authorized retailer. You can find a complete list of retailers through the Point Tec website: http://www.pointtec.de/dealers/.

Some of these dealers are authorized to sell Junkers watches on Amazon. We highly recommend looking at the listing of all Junkers watches before finalizing your purchase to make sure that all warranty rights remain intact.

Could a Junkers Watch Be Right for You?

If you’re looking for a comfortable watch to wear and love the idea of a simplistic, aviation-inspired design, then a Junkers watch could be perfect for you. Each collection has a certain vintage attitude to it that makes it rather attractive from an aesthetics standpoint. It’s also priced competitively for a German-made watch, though this may take it out of the price range for some interested parties.

The bottom-line is this: each Junkers watch review states that this is a solid manufacturer which produces an excellent watch that is fully backed by its creators. As long as you purchase your new watch from an authorized retailer, your investment into this collection of timepieces will be one that pays you dividends every time you decide to wear the watch.