Wenger Watches Review


There are not many stories about the Swiss Army. Switzerland has been considered neutral since 1648. Despite that fact, a military is still funded by the nation. Their military presence needs to have high-quality tools supplied to each soldier. Only two companies, Wenger and Victorinox, have supplied knives to the Swiss Army since the 19th century.

Now these two companies have combined to create one fantastic collection of timepieces. Swiss Army Knives are at the sharp end of life every day, helping many solve common problems with ease. This is the same attitude that is built into every timepiece offered by Wenger today.

The Story Behind Wenger Watches

Theo Wenger founded the company that would produce these timepieces in 1893 in Courteltelle, which is in the Swiss Jura region. The company originally was founded to be a knife factory and several iconic products, including the Swiss Army Knife, were developed by this organization. It has more than 120 years of history backing up the quality of its products. It has been manufacturing timepieces since 1997.

From 1997-2004, Wenger watches really lacked an identity in the industry. They made high-quality timepieces that were true to their history, but most folks who saw a Wenger watch would ask: “Isn’t that the company that makes Swiss Army Knives?” It wasn’t until Wenger took over Victorinox in 2005 that the timepiece collects received a much-needed upgrade.

If you want a Swiss brand of watch that is offered at a reasonable price, Wenger is one of the only brands you can count upon in the timepiece industry today.

How Good Are Wenger Watches?

Wenger watches are generally considered to be a high-quality watch that is still affordable for a majority of people. Each watch offers three specific quality features that aren’t always found in other affordable timepiece brands today.

  • Mechanism Durability. Wenger watches are rumored to use Chinese quartz crystals for their movement, but in reality, they use synthetic rubies. This prevents these “Swiss Army Watches” from premature wear within the mechanism.
  • Time Accuracy. Wenger manufactures its own proprietary movements, making it an authentic Swiss movement watch. Most public reviews note that a majority of these watches stay within a few seconds of the actual time over years of use.
  • High Scratch Resistance. The watches manufactured by Wenger are coated and hardened to double the industry standards on most collections. Hardened mineral or sapphire crystals are used so that most daily wear opportunities will not scratch the watch at all.

To promote how durable a Wenger watch happens to be, more than 130 different tests have been used to verify the quality of the watch with the combined Victorinox brand. Here’s a video of just one of those tests.

How Are Wenger Watches Manufactured?

Wenger Watches are one of the few timepieces that are still actually made in Switzerland, with facilities located in Biel. Wenger’s head office is still located in Delémont. The goal of each watch is to have them maintain the ideas and concepts behind the Swiss Army Knife, allowing the timepieces to have a flexible and functional outdoor focus.

To qualify for the label “Swiss made,” a watch must have a minimum of 50% Swiss components and then assembled in Switzerland. To keep prices down, Wenger does source parts from China and other locations in the APAC region, while still qualifying the label by keeping a majority of the components from local sources.

This is how the prices of this Swiss brand can be lower than other brands. Wenger watches feature ETA, Ronda, or Swiss movements and they are created in-house for each timepiece in their various collections.

What Warranty Do Wenger Watches Carry?

Wenger watches are backed by a 3-year limited warranty, though warranty and repair details may be updated on an annual basis. Wenger warrants from the date of original purchase the hands, movement, and dial face place of every timepiece to be free from defects in workmanship and in material. The warranty does not extend to the crystal, bracelet, strap, case, or battery.

Incidental, consequential, or special damage is also excluded from the warranty. If a watch is deemed to be defective, Wenger also reserves the right to replace the defective timepiece with a different item of equal or greater value at their discretion.

If a timepiece is taken apart, including when there is a need to replace the battery, then the warranty listed above is considered null and void.

In addition, Wenger also mentions that they only service authorized watches in their warranty literature. Your watch must have the words Wenger, SAK design, Swiss Military, Genuine SAK, or Genuine appear on the dial or on the back of the watch. If they do not, even if the timepiece is sold as a Wenger watch, the warranty will not be honored.

What Are the Prices of Wenger Watches?

A majority of the Wenger watches offered in today’s modern collections are priced at $200 or less. There are several models that feature leather straps and genuine Swiss movements that are priced for less than $100.

Wenger and Victorinox also combined their branding to create a collection of elegant timepieces with a higher pricing range. The Swiss Army watches from these brands often retails for around $500. Certain models, such as the Chronograph Classic XLS Swiss Army Watch, may retail for $700 or more.

Is a Wenger Watch Right for You?

If you’ve always loved the reliability of a Swiss Army Knife, then you’re going to love the durability that has been built into a Wenger timepiece. These watches give you the features you want, the comfort you need, and they look fantastic on your wrist.

Use the Wenger watches review opportunities to locate the specific watch that is right for you. Each collection offers something unique and each is worth considering. Not many Swiss made watches can be found in this price range. Pick up yours today and you will not be disappointed by the results.

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