August Steiner Watch Review

august-steiner-watchesIt’s the little things that count the most.

Think about what you remember about your grandparents or other close family members. The best memories involve conversations over breakfast, watching a movie together, or catching a foul ball in the stands. Things that are familiar are the most memorable, which also makes a familiar moment a priceless treasure.

This is the attitude you’ll find with each August Steiner watch. Each August Steiner watch review shows you that these great looking timepieces will offer you that same feeling of familiarity. It’s almost as if this brand chooses you when you get the chance to view their extensive watch collection.

Here’s the Story Behind August Steiner Watches

Founded at the turn of the century, August Steiner looks to make a watch that is extremely wearable for today’s active consumer. There is a wide range of watch designs that are intended to help each person make a fashionable, personalized statement with their timepiece, but still be able to stay within their intended budget.

If the above pitch sounds familiar, it is because it comes directly from the main website for August Steiner. Their “Our Story” page offers only these facts about the brand. There is not a public profile for this organization listed online. Even company profile website Owler lists the CEO of August Steiner as “Unknown” with no other information about this organization.

Don’t be fooled by other review sites that praise the story of this brand’s founding. It’s a sales attempt to get you to purchase a watch and nothing more.

Of course, that’s our attempt here as well – but with a different purpose in mind. We want you to get the best timepiece that you feel your budget can afford. If you love the timeless look of an August Steiner watch and want to know more about the brand before buying one, you’ll find the most reliable information right here.

How Good Are August Steiner Watches?

August Steiner is one of those new watch brands that have people either loving what is happening with the designs and manufacturing or hating it. In reviewing forum discussions regarding this brand, there does seem to be some customer consensus that August Steiner watches have a nice dial and some timepieces have some nice features, but that many models also seem like a standard hand-wind or automatic watch.

The online consensus is that August Steiner watches seem to be a nice, low-cost watch that doesn’t feel all that cheap.

August Steiner watches seem to be particularly dependable in terms of keeping an accurate time. Users report having their watches only losing between 9-15 seconds over years of wearing their timepiece.

What Is the Manufacturing Process for August Steiner Watches?

August Steiner watches source their materials for each watch from Japan and Switzerland, especially for the movements of each collection. This includes the automatic movements that are occasionally included in a collection design. Then this watch manufacturer has these components assembled in China and throughout the APAC region.

At the bottom of the dial and on the back of many August Steiner watches, you’ll be able to notice the verbiage “Swiss Quartz.” This means the quartz is imported from Switzerland, just as the movements are imported from Japan, and then these two imports are assembled into a timepiece in China.

This allows August Steiner to be able to create a fairly affordable watch that has enhanced durability compared to other brands. They focus on proven technologies, classic designs, and movement innovations to give you the best possible timepiece at the best possible price.

Do August Steiner Watches Come with a Warranty?

To take advantage of the warranty which comes with a new August Steiner watch, you will need to sign up online at this page:

Every new watch that is offered in the various timepiece collections of August Steiner is backed by a 2-year limited warranty. As with most other timepiece brands, this warranty only covers defects in the craftsmanship or materials used to create each watch. Any damage that is either accidental or occurs from normal wear and tear will not be considered a warranty repair.

If you have any questions about the quality of the warranty for your new August Steiner watch, you can also contact the company directly at their Brooklyn, NY offices via phone at (718) 663-3990.

What Are the Prices of August Steiner Watches?

Although August Steiner timepieces are considered to be of a designer quality in terms of aesthetics, they most certainly do not come with designer prices. The price range throughout all of the timepiece collections for this brand is typically between $175-$600. You will also find numerous watches offered by this brand for under $100.

The one issue we have noticed with August Steiner watches is that the pricing for a specific watch can be quite varied from website to website. A watch might retail for $395 on a retail site, but then the same watch might retail for $69 on a site like Overstock. Flash sale websites might have the same watch for as low as $39. All of these listings will be active at the same time.

We highly recommend using Amazon for pricing consistency when purchasing a watch from this manufacturer. Their truth-in-pricing efforts reduce the price inconsistencies that can sometimes be seen in the industry today, making sure you get a fair price on a great watch.

Which August Steiner Watch is Right for You?

If you’ve found an August Steiner watch that you think will look fantastic on your wrist, then the risks in purchasing this timepiece are small. We would recommend reaching out to others who may have purchased that specific watch previously to see what their experience has been, as well as reviewing each public August Steiner watch review for quality or durability concerns.

Familiarity is what we treasure above anything else in this world today. August Steiner offers you familiarity with every watch in their large collection. If you want a beautiful watch at a fantastic price, then this is the timepiece manufacturer you should look at first as you start your shopping efforts.

Last update on 2020-09-25 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API