How to Find the Best G-Shock Watch


Trying to find the best G-Shock watch can be a difficult chore. Here’s the problem: it is almost impossible to be satisfied with owning just one of these fantastic timepieces. You’ll want to own the coolest G-Shock watch. You’ll want one for daily wear. You’ll want a special occasion model as well.

More than 65 million G-Shock watches have been sold. They’ve saved lives. They’re on the wrists of celebrities and your neighbor down the street. It is easily one of the best watches in the world today.

Then there’s the number of models that are currently available from Casio. The first G-Shock watch debuted in 1983, was made be a fellow named KikuoIbe, head of Casio’s watch design at the time, and could survive a fall onto a hard surface. Since then, there have been hundreds of additional G-Shock models brought to the market.

So it can be tough to find the perfect G-Shock watch. This guide will make the process become a little easier.

What Is the Story Behind the G-Shock Watch Collection?

G-Shock watches are designed to withstand what Casio calls their “Triple 10.” It is designed to have a 10-year battery, be water-resistant up to 10 bars, and be able to survive a fall from 10 meters. This seemed like an insurmountable task in the 1980s when watches were considered to be extremely fragile instruments.

In fact, after several months of trial and error, Ibe and his team feared that they were not going to be successful. Then on one fateful day, it is said that Ibe was watching some children play at a local park with a rubber ball. And then he thought to himself, “The impact from a bouncing rubber ball does not reach the interior of it.”

Which is how the design idea of the first G-Shock watch was born. After 200+ prototypes were created [some reference sites say it was over 600 prototypes], the G-Shock would be successfully launched. Some today still say that the G-Shock watch is virtually indestructible.

Over 30+ years of refinement, it is still difficult to find a comparable watch in terms of toughness, variety, and price.

You can also learn more about the history of the G-Shock watch by reviewing the live stream broadcast from the 30tth anniversary celebration of this timepiece.

3 Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best G-Shock Watch

There are three primary factors that you’ll want to consider when trying to figure out which G-Shock watch is the perfect one for you.

  • Are you willing to pay more for the exact watch that you want? Do you want to spend the least amount possible on your brand new watch? Or do you fit somewhere between these two extremes? Price governs the number of features a G-Shock watch typically has and the availability of certain designs.
  • The coolest G-Shock watch is based on your personal preference for size and form. There are square designs, round designs, big shapes, small shapes, various digit sizes – the list is endless. Figure out what suits you best so you can shop for the best G-Shock watches that can meet your needs.
  • Shopping for a G-Shock watch is a lot like purchasing a booster pack of collectible trading cards. You have common models, uncommon models, and rare models from which to choose. Casio also offers limited collaboration G-Shock watches, anniversary editions, special editions, and other “mythic rare” opportunities.

Your G-Shock watch should also be easy for you to set. Some configurations are different than others. If you’re struggling to setup your new timepiece, this helpful video will take you through the steps necessary.

You will also want to make sure that you are not inadvertently purchasing a counterfeit watch, especially if you are shopping online. These helpful tips will help you know how to spot a fake G-Shock so you can make sure you’re buying the right watch at the right price.

Have You Considered the Functionalities You Need?

Not everyone wants or can afford a rare G-Shock watch. That’s why considering the functionality of the best G-Shock watches should also be part of the shopping process. Some models do nothing more than tell you what time it is. Others have CDT and stopwatch functions included. Maybe you need an alarm, LED backlighting, or some other form of illumination?

Then there are the advanced features that are worth considering.

  • If you live in a coastal community, a G-Shock watch with a tide graph could be a helpful feature to consider having.
  • If you love diving, then a G-Shock diving watch could be the advanced design that works best for you.
  • If you prefer to use a timepiece that doesn’t need constant battery replacements, then a solar rechargeable G-Shock watch might be your best option.

Once you’ve considered the functionalities of the watch and the other important factors that must be considered, then you’re ready to begin narrowing down models. You can choose the right color theme with the right set of features to select the perfect timepiece from a specific collection.

Yet even then, that isn’t always enough. It is very common to find that one G-Shock watch is not enough to meet all of the needs you may have. But you’ll find that there isn’t a tougher watch around.

How Are G-Shock Watches Made?

Casio has a variety of manufacturing facilities that they use for their G-Shock watches. In the past, each model was primarily made and assembled in Japan. Although that is still true, especially for some of the most expensive G-Shock watches, like the MR-G or the Frogman, most of the watches in this series are made outside of Japan today.

Some of the older G-Shocks were also made in South Korea and Malaysia.

The new G-Shock watches tend to be manufactured in China. Thailand has taken over a majority of the manufacturing that was once held in Korea and Malaysia.

G-Shock movement technologies vary based on the model desired. Solar, Multiband 6, hand home position correction, and hybrid mounting construction are all possible, along with radio-controlled accuracy to make sure you always have the accurate time. You also set the time zone based on a city in your region to make sure your time zone is correct.

Each case design does offer a prominent bezel configuration to prevent shocks from contacting a flat surface.

What Is the Warranty Offered on G-Shock Watches?

Casio offers different warranties on the various models offered in the G-Shock line. The best G-Shock watches, particularly the MT-G and MR-G models, come with a 3-year limited warranty. All G-Shock watches come with a minimum 2-year warranty.

In the standard warranty offered by Casio, all G-Shock watches include repair or replacement if there is an issue with the craftsmanship or materials contained in the watch. To make a claim, all you need to do is fill out the contact form on the G-Shock warranty page for your country to get things started.

You can also contact Casio directly at 1 (800) 706-2534 to start a warranty claim or receive repair support. G-Shock customers in Canada should call 1 (800) 661-2274. International customers may have a local number to call.

Details about the 3-year warranty program can be found in this link:

You will also need to submit a product registration form to Casio in order to receive warranty coverage. If you’ve already purchased the best G-Shock watch for your needs, then you can register your timepiece by following this link:

What Are the Prices of the Best G-Shock Watches?

With so many different models available in this series, Casio has created a G-Shock watch that is in your price range right now. There are a number of designs that are available under $100 right now, with many including an analog and digital display in a variety of colors.

On the other end of the pricing spectrum, you’ll find the Mens Diamond G-Shock Watch with Round Cut Stones totaling 8.5ct retailing for as much as $7,400.

There are several models that are priced above $1,000 as well. This includes MR-G, MT-G, GP-W, and GW-A models with several different features available based on the specific watch desired.

You’ll also find a number of different models priced between $200-$750, with various upgrades offered from the base models under $100.

Is the Best G-Shock Watch Right for You?

Casio has hit a grand slam with their G-Shock watch collection. They are highly collectible, fit comfortably, and are one of the most durable timepieces that you can find on the market today. You can find some studded with diamonds, others coming with rubber straps, but all of them performing as expected, often for several years, without any maintenance whatsoever.

If you’re looking for a reliable watch at a price you can afford, then you must consider the best G-Shock watches first. You can tailor it to your style, get the features you need, and keep it at a price you want.

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