Akribos Watches Review

akribos-watchIf you’re looking for an affordable timepiece, then you’ll find a number of Akribos watches review sites and products come up in your search results.

These imaginative watches will provide you with a fashionable experience which won’t break your budget.

If you’re looking for an incredible watch that looks great, is affordable, and is easy to read, then this could be the brand for you.

The Story of the Akribos Brand

Akribos watches may have only been around for 10+ years, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t had an impact on the industry. This brand offers styles that feature classic lines, elegant fashion, and sleek wearing experiences. They are modern and sophisticated, yet still traditional and understated as well.

That is if you like something that is understated. You’ll find a number of watches in the collections produced by Akribos that are fun, trendy, and even “sparkly.” It’s a proven watch that has partnered with Swarovski to create stunning watches with world-renowned crystals that will help you feel like a winner when you slip one on.

“Staying ahead of the fashion curve is our bread-and-butter, and our watches do it with breathtaking style and aplomb.”

The main offices for Akribos are located in Brooklyn, NY. You can contact them at (718) 437-8723 or via email at [email protected].

Are Akribos Watches Any Good?

Akribos watches are proof that you’ll receive the quality that you’re paying to receive. It is an upper-level entry timepiece that is better than what you’ll find from a discount retailer, but not as good as some other brands, such as Citizen or Seiko. One of the most common complaints offered by customers of this brand is that these watches “wear out too soon.”

There are also complaints regarding the quality of the materials that are used in the watch.

To be fair, many of the issues that are brought up in customer complaints about the quality and precision of this timepiece brand tend to involve customer service issues. Akribos has one of the worst customer service ratings for any watch brand in the industry today and poor customer service tends to create poor ratings for quality and precision.

There are long-time owners of the Akribos brand who love their timepieces very much and wear them every day without complaint.

So if you don’t want to spend a lot on a new watch, then the Akribos collections deserve consideration. They are also good watches if you happen to be shopping for a new timepiece for these reasons.

  • You need to have a backup watch that still looks as attractive as your primary timepiece.
  • You want to have a watch which offers the traditional style, but shows off the “fun” side of your personality.
  • You would like to wear a watch which features mechanical movements.

If you compare an Akribos watch to a Rolex watch, then, of course, the Akribos timepieces will seem to be inferior. When compared to other brands within its primary price range, however, an Akribos timepiece does a pretty good job of holding its own weight.

What is the Warranty on an Akribos Watch?

Akribos watches are covered by an international 2-year limited warranty. This warranty covers issues that may arise with the craftsmanship of the timepiece or the materials which were used to create it. If the damage which has occurred to the watch is deemed to be from normal wear and tear, user neglect or abuse, or some other issue beyond the control of Akribos, then the warranty may be considered void.

An Akribos watch must be purchased from an authorized retailer for the 2-year limited warranty to be valid.

Batteries in quartz movement watches from this brand are warrantied for a period of 1-year from the date of purchase. The watch case is not covered by the warranty and moisture damage is not covered unless the watch is marked as being water-resistant.

Buyers must produce a warranty card, available online from Amazon or sent by the manufacturer, along with the watch under warranty, to an authorized service center or authorized reseller for in-warranty servicing.

Akribos does require a check in the amount of $15 if a watch should require service during the period of warranty to cover return shipping and handling charges.

Where are Akribos Watches Manufactured?

A vast majority of the watches that are manufactured for the Akribos brand are assembled in Hong Kong. Although some of the watches in the various collections by this brand have a “Swiss” component to their name, it is important to note that these timepieces are not Swiss-made timepieces.

Some of the timepieces in the various Akribos collections have modules that are produced by Citizen. This means there may be components from Japan or China that are included during the assembly process in Hong Kong.

Most of the timepieces are made with stainless steel. The bracelets may be made from stainless steel, leather, nylon, or artificial materials. Water-resistance ratings go to water depths of 330 feet.

What Are the Prices of Akribos Watches?

Akribos watches are priced very competitively, with a majority of their collections priced below $100. Certain collections from Akribos, which feature yellow gold or sterling silver, are priced in the $375-$500 range. Crystal accent watches and/or bracelets from this timepiece manufacturer tend to fall in the $100-$200 price range.

At the other end of the spectrum, many of the casual Akribos collections are priced from $40-$70.

Which Akribos Watch Review is Right for You?

In the Akribos watches review sites, you’ll often see this brand described as a “value” or “discount” manufacturer. That isn’t necessarily true. They are premium designs, affordable stainless steel designs, and industrial strength watches available to consumers. You can find something for the price of dinner with the family as a casual watch or have a premium wearing experience.

This is because Akribos offers you choices with their collections. You choose your look and style. You choose your budget. This timepiece manufacturer will do the rest.

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