Geneva Watches Review


So you’re looking for a cheap watch. You’re also looking for something that has a reasonable amount of reliability. You come across the name “Geneva.” That’s a city in Switzerland, right? Maybe this timepiece brand could be pretty good?

Geneva watches have a reputation for being incredibly affordable. You can find 3-packs of these watches for less than you’d pay for a sandwich at lunch. They also have higher end watches that could meet your specific needs. This Geneva watches review will take you through the history, quality, and uniqueness of this timepiece manufacturer.

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What Is the Story of Geneva Watches?

Geneva watches are manufactured by the Geneva Watch Group. This organization was founded in 1974 and they produce clocks and watches that are similar to the timepieces created by the older Universal Geneve brand.

Universal Geneve is sometimes confused with the Geneva Watch Group, but these are two separate organizations. Universal Geneve is a Swiss company that has been producing luxury watches and clocks since 1894. Perhaps their greatest accomplishment in our industry was to manufacture the first ever chronographic watch in 1917.

Ulysse Perret was a co-founder of Universal Geneve and decided to move operations to Geneva in 1919. Their pocket watches and the Polerouter wrist watch were known to be of the highest quality.

Every year, the Geneva Watch Group sells about 25 million watches, with net revenues reaching about $200 million. In addition to their own watches, they also license several brands of clothing, fashion, and timepieces around the world.

How Well Are Geneva Watches Reviewed?

You’ll find two schools of thought when it comes to Geneva watches – and we’re talking about the modern Geneva brand here, not the Universal Geneve brand. For customers who are used to wearing cheap digital watches, the Geneva watch designs are treated as an upgrade. Customers enjoy wearing an analog watch of a reasonably fair quality that doesn’t break the bank.

Serious watch collectors, on the other hand, will typically stay away from timepieces manufactured by the Geneva brand. They are seen as being cheaply made and packaged poorly.

There is a consistent complaint on the cheaper models of Geneva watches where the finish does tend to rub off rather quickly. The inside of the bands for the lower-priced designs, in particular, tends to struggle with even moderate wear.

The consensus tends to be this: think of a Geneva watch as a costume watch or a backup if your primary timepiece stops working for some reason. They are cute and look great, but their durability will not stand up to what other brands are able to provide when used on a daily, long-term basis.  

What Is the Manufacturing Process Behind a Geneva Watch?

Geneva Watch Group has all of their manufacturing located in the APAC region. Their timepieces are either made from a liquid crystal digital design or a quartz analog design. The group also manufactures a full line of digital modules with their various timepiece collections to meet current consumer needs.

“At Geneva, quality is paramount. The dominant presence of our Far East manufacturing resources, in addition to our devoted on-site team, guarantees accountability and efficient production at all levels. Our team promises to carry out each design into a scrupulously crafted finished product.”

Although it cannot be independently confirmed, it is reported that Geneva Watch Group has partnered with Watch Factory to manufacture each watch in their collection. Watch Factory is based out of Hong Kong, but do have a branch office located in Los Angeles.

The design of each timepiece is handled in-house by Geneva Watch Group.

“Geneva has assembled a world-class design team, bringing together the creative flair of experts from fashion capitals in France, Italy, and the US. The members of our creative team have studied at some of the world’s premier fashion schools, drawing from their design masteries to create each style, from the stunningly glam to the sleek and classic.”

What Is the Warranty of a Geneva Watch?

The Geneva Watch Group is one of only a handful of timepiece manufacturers in our industry today that offer the owners of a Geneva watch a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty applies to manufacturing and material defects only. To claim this warranty, the watch must be serviced by an authorized center in the US, Canada, or the Caribbean. Authorized Duty-Free centers and Military dealers may also provide limited lifetime warranty services.

International centers that are authorized by Geneva Watch Group can still provide warrantied repairs, but the offer to these customers is a 2-year warranty only.

The warranty does not apply to the strap, crystal, case, or battery of the watch. Geneva watches are not generally marked as being water-resistant, so any moisture damage will usually void the warranty.

No return fees are necessary for this warranty to apply.

What Are the Prices of Geneva Watches?

There are two distinct collections that are offered by Geneva Watch Group under the Geneva brand. Universal Geneve watches are generally older watches manufactured for this brand and featured handcrafted chronograph designs. Depending on the amount and quality of gold included in the timepiece design, which can vary greatly, you’ll find the vintage watches range from $695-$5,750 at the moment.

Brand new Geneva watches are considered to be more of a “fashion watch” than previous collections under the brand. These are distinguished by a removal of the “Universal” component in the brand name. These watches are widely available online and through department stores for prices that are typically $100-$200. You can also find low-end Geneva watches online for less than $5 if you just need something basic.

Could a Geneva Watch Be Right for You?

Geneva watches are not going to blow you away with their quality or durability. If you’re purchasing a $10 watch, then it just isn’t going to function like the old Universal Genève watches that helped to shape our industry to what it is today.

If you need something affordable to complete your look and you’re not worried about long-term wear, then you’ll find through each Geneva watches review and option that is right for you. If you’re looking for something that could become a family heirloom or a long-term option, then another brand will likely be better to meet your needs.

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