Parnis Watch Review


It’s difficult to find a genuine Parnis watch review. This is because it is difficult to find an authentic Parnis watch that is dated before 2005. In the past, Parnis watches were a general collection of “bulk” watches that could be ordered from APAC distributors and exporters. It was less of a brand and more of an “entrepreneurial” opportunity.

Today is a little different. With the Chinese government officially controlling many aspects of this timepiece’s manufacturing and distribution, it has become a formal watch brand. It features large dials, unique styles, and versatile designs. Could it be the right timepiece for you?

All About the Parnis Brand

Parnis was founded as a brand in 2005 by Xiao Jian Hong. The watches manufactured by this brand feature mechanical watches and the trademarks for it are owned by China. The Chinese government also owns all of the trading companies that are associated with this particular timepiece brand.

What is unique about this timepiece brand is that before it became the ownership of the Chinese government, the watches were initially only available on eBay. Today you’ll find this brand is available through a number of online outlets, including Amazon.

Are Parnis Watches Any Good?

It’s a mixed verdict for Parnis watches when you look at posted consumer experiences online. One of the primary complaints we noticed about this watch has to do with the quality of the stainless steel itself. Rust and shattered case backs seem like common themes.

Yet there are also some consumers who really love the value of purchasing a mechanical watch from this brand. Consumers like the weight and heft of the watch, giving it a more expensive feel that the actual price.

It’s a watch that is reasonably accurate, often measured to a +/- of 15 seconds per day. As long as you purchase a Parnis watch from a reputable authorized dealer and avoid the “used” listings that are sometimes duplicates or knock-offs, then this timepiece manufacturer provides a good wearing experience for a majority of its customers.

The straps on a Parnis watch, however, tend to need replacing in just a year or two, even with normal wear and tear. Some of the supplied straps with this brand feel like they are nothing better than used cardboard. If you don’t mind treating the strap as a throwaway except for the most premium of collections from this manufacturer, then you’ll have an enjoyable experience with each Parnis watch review.

Where Are Parnis Watches Manufactured?

The manufacturing for Parnis watches is primarily located in Tong De Wei, which is in the Guangzhou region of China. This is a heavy industrial and manufacturing region where a number of watch brands are assembled.

Parnis will design the watches in each of their collections. They will then contract out for parts before taking on the assembly process and overseeing quality control. The Fu Yuan Xin Watch Product Factory, for example, provides the cases for the watches. Miyota, Dixmont, and Sea-Gull are all contracted for the movements.

Each Parnis watch features a 316L marine-grade stainless steel case, which is the same materials that premium watch brands like Omega use for their cases. The crystal is typically just mineral glass in these watches.

What Is the Warranty on a Parnis Watch?

Parnis watches have warranties that are based on agreements that the reseller has been able to acquire from the manufacturer of the watch. This is why you will find a wide variety of warranties available for this particular brand. Most range from 6-months to 2-years, though some retailers will offer no warranty on these timepieces whatsoever.

The best warranty we could find for a Parnis watch was through Amazon, which offers a 2-year limited warranty through Asurion. This warranty provides coverage of defectiveness in craftsmanship or materials for the internal mechanisms of the watch, the watch buttons, crystal case, crown, and stem. The warranty is considered to be void if the back of the watch is removed before attempting to obtain service. Shipping for a warranty claim is covered by this warranty.

If you purchase a Parnis watch from eBay or somewhere else, your best option is to use a payment provider which offers a warranty or refund if the retailer or manufacturer will not honor a return on a defective item. We would recommend PayPal if your credit card provider does not currently offer this service with your account.

What Are the Prices of Parnis Watches?

Parnis watches are highly affordable. Because this brand started on eBay, you’ll find that a majority of the watches for this brand are still offered on that auction site. This creates some variability in pricing, especially when considering an auction listing, but most of the watches tend to have a Buy It Now price that ranges from $65-$120.

Purchasing a Parnis watch on eBay, unless it is directly from the manufacturer, may mean your timepiece is not covered by a warranty. That’s why shopping on Amazon may be a better idea for your new Parnis watch. You’ll pay between $90-$140 instead for most collections, but have a guaranteed warranty to protect your investment.

Which Parnis Watch is Right for You?

If you’re looking for a sub-$100 mechanical watch, then you’ll find in each Parnis watch review an opportunity that can meet that need. It may not be a watch that compares to premium brands, but it does include materials that premium timepieces utilize for a much higher price.

These watches look great, but protecting your investment means choosing a reputable retailer. We highly recommend Amazon if you’re looking at a Parnis watch so that you can have the best possible purchasing experience.

Last update on 2020-09-25 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API