WeWood Watch Review


If you’re looking for a unique watch, then the WeWood watch collections definitely qualify. These watches have an exterior that is 100% made of wood, yet still offers you the precision details, comfortable wear, and high-end movements you’d expect from a luxury timepiece brand. Each watch is unique in its presentation from this manufacturer because the grain of wood and subtle tones offer handcrafted elegance – something other watches just can’t provide.

And, if you’re concerned about the environment, WeWood has you covered there as well. In each WeWood watch review, you’ll find sustainability efforts are behind the creation of every watch. When you purchase a watch from this brand, WeWood plants a new tree as well. This helps to eliminate environmental harm and you get a great new timepiece to wear every day.

The Story Behind WeWood Watches

WeWood watches was founded in Florence, Italy. The first timepiece designed under this brand name was created in 2009, with the first branch location opening in Los Angeles in 2010. Since the very beginning, WeWood has planted trees for each watch that has been sold. They have also partnered with tree-planting non-profit organizations like Trees For The Future and American Forests to enhance their efforts.

Although the company does not list its founders on their site, a review of the trademark filing shows that the brand was developed by Alessandro Rosano, Daniele Guidi, and Emma Bogren. The original company was named FratelliDiversi.

Their overall goal is to be able to plant 1 million trees. In 2010, WeWood was able to plant 7,000 trees with their sustainability efforts. Since 2011, WeWood has planted over 420,000 trees and plans to meet their overall goal by 2020.

This timepiece manufacturer wants to keep you as happy and healthy as the forests they are working to preserve. When you wear a WeWood watch, it is a reminder that you’re helping with this process. 

How Good Are WeWood Watches?

WeWood watches have a reputation for being a high-quality timepiece. In several reviews and forum discussions, there are consumers that have experienced a problem or two with these timepieces, but WeWood has been very proactive about solving the problem with the watch and getting it back to the consumer in a short time period.

Customers have left online reviews saying that they love their WeWood watch, and though one of the dials stopped working, the customer support was fantastic and hassle free in fixing the problem.

Finding complaints about WeWood watches from a quality standpoint is difficult. Most of the complaints that we found on online stores or through the Better Business Bureau involve wanting to return an unworn or unwanted watch as a gift. The company policy of WeWood is to not accept a direct return for a refund.

Because these are wooden watches, there is also sometimes an issue with rough handling during the in-transit process. This can lead to breaking issues. For these reasons, we highly recommend using Amazon as the sales provider of WeWood watches. With Amazon’s return guarantees, especially when combined with payment guarantees from providers like Visa or PayPal on some accounts, you will be able to adequately protect your purchase in the unlikely event that something happens to your new wooden watch before you are able to wear it.

How Are WeWood Watches Manufactured?

WeWood watches feature Miyota movements within every timepiece. The technology for these movements is imported from Japan. The watch components are then manufactured in Indonesia and China.

Then all of the components of every timepiece is hand-assembled in-house location. For WeWood watches that are assembled in California, it is important to note that the state offers many strict regulations that govern the use of wooden products, including Proposition 65, and WeWood meets or exceeds these regulations at all times.

Every component of the watch is made from wood, except for the pins, clasp, battery, glass, and movement. Different woods are used to create different colors for the watches – no dyes are used to alter the color of the wood. Each timepiece is also hypo-allergenic and never treated with chemicals, which means these watches are not water-resistant.

Do WeWood Watches Come with a Warranty?

WeWood offers all customers a limited 2-year warranty on all of their purchases. This covers defects in the materials or craftsmanship of the watch. Because these watches are made from wood, consumers do need to take a proactive care approach to ensure the wooden components of the watch remain healthy.

WeWood also has what they call the “1-Year Free Peace of Mind” warranty on all timepieces that are sold in the United States. Under this warranty coverage, for the first 12 months from the date of purchase, you will receive the standard WeWood warranty on all parts, plus receive shipping labels back and forth from your home to the closest repair center should something happen to your timepiece.

At the time of purchase, WeWood also offers US customers the opportunity to add an additional 1 year to the Free Peace of Mind warranty for an added $10. For more information about this warranty or to see if you qualify, you can contact WeWood customer service at (909) 799-7940.

What Are the Prices of WeWood Watches?

If you love the idea of wearing a wooden watch, then WeWood watches are some of the best in the industry today. Their collections are all-natural, sustainable, and allow you to make the specific fashion statement you’re wanting to make.

Priced in the $150 range for a majority of the collections, you’ll find that this is an investment that makes sense if you’re looking for a unique item. Look through each WeWood watch review carefully and you’ll be able to find the timepiece that is perfect for you today.

Last update on 2020-09-25 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API