Which is the Best Casio Watch?

How Did the Casio Brand Originate?


In April 1946, in the aftermath of World War II, Kashio Tadao set up a business in Mitaka, Tokyo that he called Kashio Seisakujo. The company has branched into a number of electronic products over the decades, including producing the world’s first inkjet printer, personal calculator, and desktop electronic calculator with programming.

They have also been heavily involved in the timepiece industry. In November 1974, the Casiotron became the first electronic wristwatch developed by this company. Many of the wristwatches developed by Casio were ahead of their time, with a number of smartwatch features introduced decades ago that you can find on products like the Apple watch today.

For example, Casio introduced the VDB-1000 in 1991, which was a touchscreen watch that included a notepad, calculator, and phone book. The JC-11, also introduced in 1991, featured fitness tracking. In 1994, Casio offered the VCL-100 which had an antenna which would detect when your phone was ringing and then vibrate on your wrist.

Yet with all of these advanced features, it wouldn’t be until the G-Shock series was introduced that Casio would finally be considered a major timepiece manufacturer in our industry.

How Good Is the Best Casio Watch?

There are really two sides to wearing a Casio watch. Outside of Japan, the G-Shock collection is one of the best digital timepieces that money can by today. It’s an interesting story about how this series got its name – a watch was developed so that it could survive a fall from a bathroom window at Casio’s Tokyo headquarters. These watches are popular within the music industry in particular and you’ll see a number of celebrities wearing them as well.

On the other hand, you can also find an ultra-thin digital Casio watch that will cost $10-$15. It will keep accurate time for you, but not really offer anything of value when it comes to the fashion statement you want to make. These are great watches for the kids.

Another option is the Pathfinder collection by Casio, especially for guys. If you wear a Pathfinder, you are often seen as a fellow who loves to explore the outdoors. It says that you want to wear a watch that can help you accomplish your goals. Of course, if you wear that same Pathfinder underneath your suit, you’ll be seen as a guy who doesn’t really know anything about fashion.

The bottom line is this: Casio makes a reliable watch. The various collections may not be attractive to long-time collectors, but they do make for an affordable and durable timepiece that you won’t need to worry about.

Where Are Casio Watches Manufactured?

Casio has their primary office headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan.

Although the company is based in Japan, only 5-15% of their timepieces in any given year are actually manufactured there. A majority of the manufacturing and assembly of these timepieces tends to occur in foreign plants, with an emphasis on Chinese and Malaysian manufacturing. Casio has also had manufacturing locations in Thailand and South Korea since 1994.

There is a limited production of Casio watches in North America as well. You’ll find that many of the top-of-the-line collections from this manufacturer tend to be produced in either Japan or North America. The entry-level digital models that you can pick up for the price of lunch tend to come from China.

What Warranty Comes with the Best Casio Watch?

The warranty for a Casio timepiece is only valid within the country where it was purchased. International travelers who purchase a timepiece in a different country will need to have their watch serviced in that country to claim a warranty repair. Domestic warranty claims for an international purchase will not be covered.

Casio guarantees a warranty period of 1 year where the timepiece will be free from defects in quality from the time of delivery. With proof of purchase, if a timepiece is within its warranty period, Casio may repair the timepiece using reconditioned replacement parts or choose to replace the timepiece with one of an equal or greater value.

To make a warranty claim, must send the watch, postage paid, with a copy of the proof of purchase to a Casio service center in the country where the watch was purchased.

Additional Casio watches warranty details can be found in this comprehensive guide.

What Are the Prices of Casio Watches?

Casio watches are generally considered to be an entry-level brand of watch. Digital watches from this brand can often be found for under $15. These watches may have a bracelet or strap design.

If you prefer to wear an analog watch, you’ll find that Casio offers a number of options in the $50 range. These collections offer a variety of sizes, styles, and strap colors to help you match up your look with a fashionable timepiece.

Casio also offers a “Pro” set of collections for those who are looking for a high-quality watch with several features. These collections tend to be priced around $250. The Casio Pro watches may offer a solar compass, chronograph, and added water-resistance and have case options that include titanium instead of stainless steel.

The best Casio watch, however, is likely the Oceanus line. These are not sold outside of Japan, but retail for over $2,000 when brand new.

Is the Best Casio Watch Right for You?

Casio watches offer an affordable way to keep track of time while still being able to accomplish your goals. They are never going to compare to a brand like Rolex, but that isn’t their overall purpose. This brand has always looked to keep pushing the industry forward in terms of what a watch can do.

Casio is the watch manufacturer that brought the world the first wrist-based MP3 player. They invented the smartwatch before it was a thing and they take no credit for it. That is the quality that you will find built into every Casio watch, no matter where it happens to be manufactured. You can rest assured that the best Casio watch for your budget is going to get the job done for you.

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