What Is the Best Suunto Watch?


In Finnish, the word “suunto” is translated as “direction.” Like many timepiece companies, Suunto had its origins as a family business. It was sold in 1952 to an investment group and then has changed hands several times over the decades.

Although today this brand is known for high-quality sports and diving watches, their tradition as a brand is actually as a compass manufacturer. This tradition is still included with many of their watch collections, as they feature an electronic compass.

What is the Story Behind the Suunto Brand?

Suunto is a subsidiary of the Amer Sports Corporation. This makes it a sister brand of popular sports brands like Wilson, Atomic, Precor, and Mavic. Suunto itself was originally founded in 1936 when Tuomas Vohlonen, a Finnish engineer and orienteer, invented a mass-production method that could create a liquid-filled compass.

Since that moment, Suunto has been at the forefront of the industry when it comes to the innovative designs that have been developed for the best diving watches today. This brand is also actively involved in the manufacturing of dive computers, sports instruments, fishing equipment, and other items that are used by those seeking out an adventure anywhere in the world today.

How Good is the Best Suunto Watch?

Suunto watches are generally more expensive than competitive products, but this is because they typically use higher quality components in each timepiece… although timepiece is probably not the correct word here. A more accurate description of the best Suunto watch would be an all-in-one dive computer that can measure vital statistics while telling you what time it is.

The best watches from Suunto will have memory storage built into the timepiece so that you can keep track of your diving statistics, such as depth, time under the surface, and other critical data. Some of the watches may store the information for up to 50 dives. You may also receive information about blood nitrogen levels so that you know when it will be safe to fly.

There are two new collections from Suunto that are separate from the sports and diving collections that are offered by this brand. Called “Essential” and “Elementum,” Suunto 7R offers lifestyle or “fashion” watches that are offered at a fraction of the cost of their high-end diving computers and timepieces.

What Is the Warranty for the Best Suunto Watch?

Suunto offers an international limited warranty on all of their timepieces from the original date of purchases of 2 years, though some products may be classified as an “accessory” by this brand, which would reduce the warranty length to just one-year.

What is unique about this brand is that the straps and bracelets that come with some of the best Suunto watches are classified as an accessory, so they do have the 1-year warranty protecting them. Many timepiece manufacturers will exclude these items from any warranty.

As part of the warranty, however, Suunto does not warrant “that the operation of the Product or accessory will be uninterrupted or error-free.” Because many of their timepieces can also work with third-party hardware and software, the warranty does not guarantee that compatibility will be part of the process.

A proof of purchase is required to access any warranty service and the product must be registered online. If you’ve purchased the best Suunto watch for your needs already, then you can register it through the following link: http://www.suunto.com/mysuunto.

How Are the Best Suunto Watches Manufactured?

Suunto as a brand has stayed true to its original foundations in terms of its manufacturing process. Amer Sports Corporation has kept a majority of the manufacturing and assembly for the best Suunto watches in Finland. Their main headquarters is located in Vantaa and their administrative offices are located right next to their factory.

Although the pricing of Suunto watches is higher than other brands and this is a globally active brand, many of the work stages for each timepiece are still hand-crafted.

There have been times with certain models have been outsourced for Chinese manufacturing. The most notable collection for this were the Core timepieces. The Core collection is no longer in production, but many versions featured plastic frames. A few models, notably the ones that had an aluminum or stainless steel frame, were kept for local production.

What Is the Price of the Best Suunto Watch?

There are currently 3 Suunto watches that are currently offered in the $800-$850 price range. Two are a part of the Adventure Luxury Watch collection, featuring a carbon casing and full dive computer functionality. The other watch is the Suunto Spartan Ultra Stealth watch. It offers GPS functions and a heart rate monitor for training, along with a slew of other features.

If you’re looking for a watch that is a little more affordable, you’ll find that starting prices for this brand tend to hover around $200. At this price point, you’ll still receive some advanced features, but you won’t be able to access dive computer technologies.

At the $500 price point is where Suunto begins offering dive computers that fit on your wrist. The number of different readings that the product offers will be reflected in the final MSRP of the timepiece. Most of the watches with dive computer technologies are going to be priced for less than $700 from this brand.

Is the Best Suunto Watch Right for You?

There are several collections available from Suunto, so you can find a timepiece that is perfect for you and at a price you can afford. If none of the available models seem right, then Suunto has something else for you to consider: a completely customized watch.

Since December 2015, the “Customizer” timepiece has been available to consumers who want individualized preferences on their timepiece. It is currently available for their Sport and Ambit3 Peak collections.

This means that anyone can find the best Suunto watch to meet their needs today. Find your preference or create the perfect timepiece and you’ll find the perfect tool to use as you stay active every day.

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