Stuhrling Watches Review

In the right hands, a watch becomes a work of art. It does more than just tell time. It’s a masterpiece which deserves to be admired. Since the very beginning of the watchmaking industry, masters of this art were coveted by those with wealth or socioeconomic status because it was a luxury item that showed off what place that person held in society.

Today’s watches are a little different. Just about everyone can afford some type of watch today. What Stuhrling attempts to do with their designs is to recapture the art of the past, yet still make their watches highly affordable so that everyone who wants one can have one. Thanks to modern technology, product outsourcing, and innovative assembly methods, this becomes possible.

Has Stuhrling created artwork? Or do the Stuhrling watches review posts that are offered by current customers telling a different story?

What Is the History of Stuhrling Watches?

Max Stuhrling was one of the original Swiss watchmakers that began to establish the current industry in the late 1800s. The current brand was rebooted in 1999 by one of his direct descendants in an effort to bring the family business back home, with Max Stuhrling IV and George J von Burg taking the brand live in 2002.

The only problem is that it is impossible to verify the story. The Stuhrling family may be veterans of the watchmaking industry in Switzerland, but one must take the word of the founder for this.

“Following the company’s rebirth in 1999, it has since designed and developed thousands of watch models that bear the mark of horological history.”

“Horology” by definition is the science or art of measuring time. Any instrument that was used to study time would fall into the category of “horological history.” This includes sundials, clepsydras, or even atomic clocks.

And that’s it. There is no additional history offered by the founders or the company in terms of how Stuhrling watches came about.

How Good Are Stuhrling Watches?

Defining “good” depends on an individual definition of the word. So let’s first address the individual components that are offered in a Stuhrling watch.

All “standard” Stuhrling watches contained Chinese movements. You can find a list of some of the calibers that are used by Stuhrling that have been matched up to the manufacturer’s calibers through this link:

Each case that comes with Stuhrling watches is made from 316L surgical-grade stainless steel. Top-grain leather products are used for the straps in some models, while rubber straps come from custom-molded silicone.

Some of the higher priced models that Stuhrling has produced feature Chinese Tourbillon movements. These are generally considered to be the best watches of this manufacturer’s collection. Yet even then, Stuhrling isn’t afraid to offer some controversy with their watches. Some utilize general alligator or crocodile straps. Limited edition or Premiere watches may feature ceramic cases instead of stainless steel.

And the most expensive watches do include Swiss-made movements. If you’re willing to invest into this brand, then you can get a great watch. If not, then you’ll still have one suitable for daily wear, but may not be of the exact quality that some consumers may want.

What Is the Reputation of the Stuhrling Brand?

Stuhrling Original watches are almost exclusively sold online, which is unique for today’s timepiece industry. Overall their designs are rather attractive and the quality is pretty good, especially considering the location of their manufacturing. Any watch that is priced at $100 or less and has a unique design to it that you love is worth the investment. That’s the bottom line when it comes to the Stuhrling brand.

When you start working your way up to the higher priced models made by Stuhrling, then a greater consideration for the reputation must be considered. To do that, we must dig into the past of this brand and how they first marketed themselves.

When the first Stuhrling watches came out, they presented themselves as having a “Lexus” movement for each model. The claim was that these movements were proprietary to the brand. There was a loose tie-in to Swiss-made or Swiss-based claims to the components. In reality, the watches were using Chinese movements that many fashion watches tend to use.

With that being said, a comparison of the movements from other watches which feature the same Chinese movements shows a clear difference. The higher-priced models from Stuhrling feature a movement that is well-finished with great consistency. The difference is night and day when you can compare them to a watch with a similar design.

So are Stuhrling watches junk? No. Are they going to be highly sought after by high-end collectors? No. Will you have fun wearing your watch every day if you find a design that you absolutely love?


Do Stuhrling Watches Come with a Warranty?

Every original Stuhrling watch is backed by a comprehensive international warranty. A warranty information card is included within the box that contains the watch. It is a 2-year limited warranty from the date of purchase from an authorized reseller and covers the repair or replacement of the movement in each watch.

Quartz watches that are manufactured by Stuhrling also have a 1-year warranty which covered the battery used for the watch.

The international warranty offered by Stuhrling does not cover the bracelet, case, straps, or crystals of the watch. Watches that are not labeled as water-resistant have no moisture damage coverage either. Normal wear and tear are also excluded.

All qualifying warranty repairs or replacements will be done so for free. If the watch requires a warranty service, however, a copy of the original bill and a check for $20 [US customers] or $40 [international customers] is required.

For more information about the terms and conditions of Stuhrling’s warranty, you can visit this link: You may also contact customer service at (718) 840-5760 to reach their Brooklyn, NY offices or email them at [email protected].

What Is the Manufacturing Process of a Stuhrling Watch?

Stuhrling watches are named after a master watchmaker named Max Stuhrling. He lived in Switzerland in the late 19th century… but that’s about all you can find out about him unless you perform a deep internet search. The modern Stuhrling brand utilizes “old world” Swiss watchmaking practices, but their timepieces are generally manufactured and assembled in Hong Kong.

It is believed that Stuhrling watches use mechanical movements that are supplied by PTS Resources.

What actually makes the Stuhrling brand unique in our industry today is the fact that they were one of the first international brands to openly admit that they used Chinese movements in their timepieces.

Stuhrling Original timepieces assign their own caliber designations to the movements they use. Although Seagull movements are often used, Hangzhou and Dixmont-Guangzhou movements are also used in addition to those brought in from Shanghai. Each caliber begins with ST, regardless of where it originates, which is why the Seagull movements are often thought to be in every watch from this brand.

What Are the Prices of Stuhrling Watches?

Stuhrling watches offer a model for virtually every budget. With coupons or discount codes, it is possible to find a men’s Stuhrling watch for $70 or less on occasion. Several other models, such as the GP12530 bracelet watch, retail for under $100 from most retailers.

On the other end of the pricing spectrum, the Stuhrling Original men’s 213T 331X2 Tourbillion Limited Edition watch retails right now for $4,550. Prestige Swiss-made automatic watches in the various collections may retail for $1,000-$1,500 with this brand.

A majority of the watches that are offered by Stuhrling are priced between $150-$300. At this average pricing, you’ll be able to find sports watches, racing-inspired watches, and skeletonized automatic watches that are fashionable and wear comfortably well.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Stuhrling Watch?


#1. Many Stuhrling watches feature a unique design. When you purchase a Stuhrling watch, you are purchasing a piece of art. They fit comfortably, look good on the wrist, and will immediately start a conversation about timepieces when they are seen by others. Many of the watches are priced at such a low point that it becomes feasible to purchase the watch for the design alone without any consideration for the movements or components.

#2. Almost everyone can afford a Stuhrling watch. Whether you want something that is basic or something that is reflective of the open-heart skeletonized design that has become quite popular as of late, you’ll be able to grab a great timepiece at an even better price. You won’t break the bank when you buy a watch from this brand.

#3. You can pick up a real Tourbillon watch at an affordable price. Stuhrling offers Tourbillon watches in the $400-$700 range, which makes it very possible to embrace this unique movement today. If you look at Swiss Tourbillon watches, you’ll find prices from Zenith that exceed $77,000 and from VacheronConstantin which exceed $145,000. Although this might not be a positive for everyone, it is certainly a design aspect that should be considered when shopping for a new Stuhrling watch.

#4. The straps on a Stuhrling watch are fairly easy to replace. If you’re familiar with watches, then it is pretty easy to swap out watch bands if one should wear out on you when owning a Stuhrlingwatch. Many models offer leather straps that work with most standard straps that are available today. Just take the old one out, place in the pins for the new one, and you’re ready to go.


#1. There are concerns about quality and utility with Stuhrling watches. Some watch collectors have trouble embracing the Stuhrling brand. It isn’t because the designs aren’t aesthetically pleasing. It’s simply because they see other manufacturers, such as Seiko, being superior in quality even if the design of the competitor is somewhat conventional.

#2. International customers may not benefit from the warranty. If you purchase a $50 Stuhrling watch and live outside of the United States, is there any point to making a warranty claim? You’d have to pay $40 just to have the watch shipped back to you. Since that’s basically what you paid for the watch in the first place, the warranty is not necessarily as beneficial as it could be – especially for international consumers.

#3. Several Stuhrling models have cases that are a bit thick. Although they are a heavier watch with a fun design, several models produced by Stuhrling are almost too thick for some occasions. This is especially true for those who are looking for a dependable professional watch.

#4. Some models struggle to maintain time well. For the automatic designs offered by Stuhrling, there is an expectation for there to be several seconds of variation in the time throughout the day. This is due to standard wear issues and every watch manufacturer has these issues. Some Amazon reviews report that some models require frequent resetting, sometimes several times per day, because of how much time gets lost.

Is a Stuhrling Watch the Right Investment for You?

Stuhrling watches will never be able to compare to high-end brands. They’re also not meant to be a “poor man’s Rolex.” The designs offered by this manufacturer stand out in their own right and make for a beautiful watch to wear. Each Stuhrling watches review tends to either be extremely positive because the designs are beautiful, or extremely negative because of how the brand imports Chinese components.

Where most people struggle with this brand is the open embracing of Chinese manufacturing methods and watch movements. There are some watches in this collection that do offer Swiss movements, such as the CL-888, but even then that can be hit or miss with some watch collectors.

If you’re looking for a great daily wear watch, then Stuhrling has several options available. If you’re looking for a watch that could maintain or grow in value, then only the limited edition timepieces qualify and that may cause some collectors to look elsewhere for the right investment to make.

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