What Is the Most Expensive Invicta Watch?

invicta-watches-reviewInvicta is generally considered to be a fashion brand. They make watches that are highly affordable and still look great, which makes them a rather popular timepiece. Yet Invicta is not afraid to compete with high-end watch manufacturers like Rolex when it comes to offering an expensive watch.

There are a number of blog posts and light content articles which place the most expensive Invicta watch in the $75,000 price range. This information could not be independently verified. It should be noted, however, that the watch often listed as Invicta’s most expensive watch: the 18934 Corduba Chronograph Black Carbon Fiber Timepiece with Yellow Leather, was found listed on an affiliate website for under $700.

So instead of doing a questionable web search where someone can list a watch for whatever price they want, we went directly to Invicta to ask them what their most expensive watch happened to be. Here was their answer.

The Most Expensive Watch: A Reserve Collection Masterpiece

The most expensive Invicta watch comes from the Reserve Collection by Invicta. It is a Swiss-made timepiece which is powered by Swiss automatic movements. “Finely crafted,” said the product description that was sent to us. The case is a brilliant stainless steel with steel tone, 48mm in size, and is water-resistant up to 300 meters.

It has a suggest MSRP by the Invicta Watch Group of $23,000. Here is direct evidence of this MSRP: https://www.invictawatch.com/watches/detail/18707-invicta-reserve-men-48mm-stainless-steel-stainless-steel-silver-dial-sw500-automatic

The band on this watch is 26mm in width and features a length of 210mm. The buckle is a standard butterfly design, with the clasp featuring a push button release in addition to the standard fly release. It’s a push crown type, with a metal dial, and features 46 2.5mm diamonds set around the crystal.

You can find out more about the actual functioning of this watch thanks to the online owner’s manual which can be found through this link: https://cdn.invictawatch.com/www/manuals/345_sw500.jpg

The Features of the Invicta 18707 Reserve

This watch doesn’t feature a luminous color, but it does contain Super luminova for better viewing in nighttime hours.

As an automatic watch, it features 25 movement jewels from movement vendor Sellita with a SW500 caliber. It is 100% Swiss movement components and movement assembly.

The bezel function is stationary. It also features a 60-second chronograph function, flame fusion crystal, and has a date/day calendar function complication.

Can This Watch Be Found for Less?

It may be the most expensive Invicta watch that is offered for retail, but we found that there are some stores that are selling this exact model of watch for less. Invicta Stores, at the time of this writing, was selling this particular timepiece for $7,943.20.

So the lesson learned in finding the most expensive Invicta watch: just because a high-quality timepiece comes with an expensive MSRP doesn’t mean you have to pay that price. By shopping wisely for the best watches to meet your specific needs and reading through the best watch reviews, you’ll be able to find the perfect timepiece for you at the perfect price

Last update on 2020-09-25 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API