Avi-8 Watch Review

Based in the UK, Avi-8 watches are designed to help you go faster, further, and higher. This is because each design within their various collections provides you with a timepiece that is based on the aviation industry. When you see each Avi-8 watch review, you’ll find a timepiece that was created to honor the airmen who have kept us all safe over the decades and the aircraft that helped them fly through the sky.

Here’s the Story Behind Avi-8

Avi-8 was founded as a timepiece and accessories manufacturer by Dartmouth Brands in the mids-2000s. Each collection that is offered by this timepiece manufacturer pays tribute to the aircraft that it is named after.

The original intent of the brand was to “capture the spirit of aviation.” The first collections brought a large amount of success to Dartmouth Brands. Based on the reception of their watch designs, new collections were created by researching military aircraft that are based out of the UK with help from the Royal Air Force.

Many of the aircraft-inspired designs also date back to World War II. You’ll find schematics of each aircraft that has a collection named after it, along with a complete review of how that aircraft served the UK, on the main about us page for Avi-8.

Are Avi-8 Watches Any Good?

The reviews for Avi-8 watches are generally a jumble of mixed results. One of the biggest issues that is discussed in the various forums and product review sites is the reliability of the hand movements.

Customers have reported that the second has fallen off and remained loose and moving around inside the face, without any dramatic event (like dropping the watch) happening.

Despite the negatives, however, you’ll find that virtually all customers of Avi-8 have similar things to say about their aviation-inspired watches.

  • They enjoy how tasteful each design happens to be. There is a particular love of the light texturing that tends to be included within the design of the watch. The texture is like leather and helps to keep the watch in place throughout the day.
  • They prefer the weight of the watch. Each Avi-8 watch may have a different size or shape based on the aircraft that inspired the design, but each option in every collection offers a look and feel that is quite substantial when wearing the watch.
  • They offer a high-quality wear experience. If the issues in the reviews are avoided, then those who have purchased a timepiece from this manufacturer speak of the number of compliments they receive when they wear their watch in public.

We recommend trying to avoid the NATO strap whenever possible if your preference is for an automatic watch from Avi-8. Because of the required amount of wear that comes from an automatic watch, we found that the strap tends to wear out a little prematurely.

How Are Avi-8 Watches Manufactured?

The manufacturing process for Avi-8 watches is not officially published online, though they do state that these stainless steel watches feature quartz movements that are built in Japan. This requires us to look at public reviews for information regarding the manufacturing process for this timepiece manufacturer.

Customers have reported that they have received boxes with their Avi-8 watches from online orders which state that the box was made from there. This means the assembly of the watches, like most other timepiece brands today, has been outsourced to the APAC region – although it should be noted that this cannot be independently confirmed based on our research.

What Is the Warranty for an Avi-8 Watch?

All Avi-8 watches come with a standard 2-year limited warranty. The warranty is slightly different for UK and US customers, but in general terms, each timepiece is guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship when operating under normal use. The warranty becomes void if abnormal wear and tear occur, including negligence. The strap, bracelet, and lens are not covered by the warranty.

Unauthorized repairs to the watch will void the warranty.

Avi-8 also has a specific stipulation that if you purchase an automatic watch from one of their collections, it must be worn at least 8 hours each day. This is because the watch will only wind when it is on the wrist and arm when it moves.

There are several complaints about Avi-8 not responding to warranty claims filled out on their website. You may need to go through the UK or US site respectively based on your location, but we still recommend proceeding with precaution based on the number of complaints regarding the length of contact time or an overall lack of contact at all.

What Are the Prices of an Avi-8 Watch?

Avi-8 watches offer an affordable mid-range option for those who like to wear aviation-inspired timepieces. Entry-level watches in this category are generally priced around $100, which puts them in the same range as some Seiko watch collections.

The upper-end of the price range tends to be $300-$500, depending on the number of features and level of water-resistance that is desired. Compared to a Laco watch of a similar design, which may retail for up to $1,500, the savings that can be obtained from this timepiece manufacturer is quite profound.

Which Avi-8 Watch is Right for You?

If you love the look of an aviation-inspired watch, but don’t want to pay more than $1,000 for a timepiece, then Avi-8 offers you an affordable alternative. Pay attention to each Avi-8 watch review to make sure the quality meets your standards before purchase to make sure you receive the best possible outcome.

When you do, you’ll find that this watch feels great. It keeps time with reliability. It’s reasonably durable, especially when a leather strap is included. If you love history and the aircraft industry, then you’re going to love the unique designs that Avi-8 has to offer.