Casio G100-1BV Review

G-Shock watches are taking over the world – at least it seems that way. The only problem is that many models cost four figures and that’s outside of the budget of many. When we found that Casio had created the G100-1BV and it was available for less than $75, we knew we would have to give this timepiece a test drive.

Here’s what we discovered about this uniquely durable and affordable watch.

#1. There isn’t a second hand on this watch. It’s probably because of the digital readout, but this analog/digital hybrid watch does not offer a second hand for timekeeping. Although this really isn’t that big of a deal, it does spoil the “ticking” experience that some watch owners like to have when owning an analog timepiece.

#2. The watch is highly accurate. We didn’t find any problems with time management when testing out this watch. Some product reviewers have even noted that they haven’t made any adjustments to their G-Shock in over two years – even with it on the same battery.

#3. It would be nice for the light to illuminate the entire watch. If it is dark and you want to see what time it is, then you can press the “light” button on this G-Shock watch. This will light up the digital display that is on the bottom of the timepiece only. Since you can get into the habit of keeping the digital display on date mode with the analog function, it would have been nice for the light to cover the entire watch.

#4. Getting the watch setup is surprisingly easy. If you’ve read the customer reviews for this G-Shock watch before purchasing it, you might think this timepiece was more like a Rubik’s Cube to solve than a watch to set. It only took us a couple of minutes to fully set up this watch so that it was right on time – and about half of that time was to make sure the watch was on the same time as the other clocks hanging around.

#5. You will notice changes to the time around certain appliances. This G-Shock watch does have some magnetic sensitivities to it. We found that the refrigerator, in particular, could affect this watch with consistent exposure. If you’re reaching in to grab some milk for your cereal, you’ll be fine. If you stand there for 5 minutes trying to find the lost bottle of salsa, you might notice the watch missing a few seconds of time.

#6. The analog display covers up the digital display every hour. It’s nice to have the analog/digital combination. The only real complaint we have about the experience is that from 25-35 every hour, the digital display is partially obscured by the analog minute-hand. A minor complaint, for sure, but it does feel awkward until you get used to the experience.

With easy-access buttons on the top of the face and an impact-resistant design that is comfortable to wear, we found this timepiece to be of an excellent quality. If you’re wanting to try a G-Shock watch for the first time, then we highly recommended giving this affordable timepiece a test run of your own.

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4.3 out of 5
4.3 out of 5
4.3 out of 5


4.3 out of 5